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Leaked Windows Phone Roadmap Shows Future Strategy from Microsoft

WMPoweruser has got their hands on the proposed roadmap of Windows Phone and it looks pretty interesting.  The roadmap image starts with the original Windows Phone GA (General Availability) and goes through 2012 with the release of the codenamed product Apollo.

Leaked Windows Phone Roadmap

Leaked Windows Phone Roadmap (Courtesy of WMPowerUser)

Mid 2012 we can expect Tango which seems to be focusing on bringing Windows Phone to the masses with lower cost products from manufactures.  This is a good move in my book.  I’ve talked to a lot of friends and family about Windows Phone and they like it…. but can’t get past the $199 for a new phone.  If they can get the price point down to $49.99 or the like (as T-Mobile has done this holiday season with the HTC Radar and Lumia 710) then they will get it into the hands of the masses.

The next big update is slated for late next year and is codenamed Apollo.  This update appears to be really driving for mass adoption and to increase the overall sales volume of the platform and to point out competitive differentiators.  They also appear to be focusing on more advanced hardware (perhaps dual core processors?) and the needs of businesses (perhaps better encryption support?).

As with any roadmap it is subject to change and shifting but the information obtained by WMPowerUser seems to fit with other rumors that have been floating about over the past few weeks.  Taken at face value, it is clear that Microsoft plans to make a significant push on Windows Phone next year.  Couple that with the push Nokia is having on the platform with their Lumia lineup and that 6.2% marketshare by the end of next year isn’t a pipe dream.  It could really happen.

Source:  WMPowerUser


Paul Thurott Discusses How Microsoft Can Fix Windows Phone in 2012

One of the most ‘in tune” people in my opinion with Microsoft, Windows and Windows Phone is Paul Thurrott.  If you aren’t familiar with who he is, check out his site, Super Site Windows or you can check him out with Mary-Jo Foley and Leo Laporte on Windows Weekly on TWiT.

Last year on his site Paul posted an article on what Microsoft needed to do to get Windows Phone right in 2011.  If you look at the list, Microsoft pretty much got it all done.  Now he has posted an article on what Microsoft needs to do in 2012 to fix Windows Phone and really establish it in the market.

He has a good list of things that need to be addressed by Microsoft in 2012 for the platform to be successful and I generally agree with most of them.  Give the article a read and see what you think.  Do you agree?  What do you see as Windows Phone’s biggest stumbling block to success in 2012?


New Windows Phone for Christmas? Check Out The How To’s for Help

For many of you, today is the first day since the Christmas holiday this weekend to get back online and do some post holiday shopping or searching for information on your latest gadget.  If you are the proud owner of a Windows Phone, congratulations and welcome to the community!

If you are moving from a feature phone or another smartphone (Android or iPhone), then this Windows Phone experience will be somewhat of a left turn for you.  It’s different.  A lot different.  You’ve probably already figured that out but just in case the whole Live Tile start screen thing didn’t tell you… this is a lot different! :-)

Over the course of the past year I’ve put together a series of How To’s for Windows Phone.  Some of these are basic while others are more advanced but they are all designed to help you get a handle on the new experience that is Windows Phone.  The How To’s are generally Windows Phone focused and not device specific.  That said, there are some specific How To’s for HTC and Samsung phones but only one or two.

To get to all of the How To’s here on, just navigate to the How To section in the left-hand side bar.  And of course you can always post a question on Twitter or here on the site.

Dell Venue Pro gets Windows Phone 7740 Update

The great team over at WPCentral have posted an update regarding the Dell Venue Pro getting the latest 7740 update.  The update has been available on most of the HTC line up as well as the Samsung Windows Phone and fixes issues related to Exchange 2003 sync issues and voicemail access.  If you remember, it was just yesterday that the Venue Pro saw the Mango update come to it – finally.

For you Venue Pro owners don’t get over excited if you are hoping the 7740 build gets your compass feature working.  It doesn’t and all indications are that it may be a long time if ever before this is addressed.

To get the update just connect your Venue Pro up to your PC via Zune and the update should be there ready to roll out to your phone.


Delta Airlines Updates Fly Delta App to Allow Tracking of Baggage

As most travelers will attest, one of the bigger fears of air travel is the loss of your luggage.  If you have seen any documentary on how airports work, it is a miracle that it doesn’t happen more often (unbelievably complex systems just under your feet as you walk in the terminal at a major airport) but when it does, it can be a frustrating experience.

Delta Airlines has taken the proactive step on this with their latest update to the Fly Delta app for Windows Phone.  The app now has the ability to track your luggage and you can do so while you are on the actual flight!  It is a great new feature that hopefully other airline apps will follow.

In addition to the bag tracking, you can now pin your boarding pass to the Start screen, check in and pay for baggage fees within the app and open up airport maps in Bing Maps.

The update requires that your phone be running Mango on your Windows Phone.

Get the Fly Delta app in the Marketplace