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Windows Phone Market Share Strong Last Quarter

In almost every major market globally, Windows Phone market share was up in August 2014 when compared to August 2013 according to a new report by Kantar Worldpanel.  The report reviews mobile market share across all platforms in various countries and regions and in some of those markets, Windows Phone took its biggest step forward in a long time – if ever.

Across the European big 5 countries – UK, Germany, Spain, France & Italy – Windows Phone market share jumped to 9.2%, up .7% over August 2013.  Outside of Android, Windows Phone gained the most traction in Europe with iOS sales declining year-over-year by .4%.  Equally as important, Windows Phone market share increased in the United States to 4.7%, up .8% year-over-year.  It is a major step forward for the Little Operating System That Could.

The increase in market share is important for Microsoft as they fight the uphill battle against Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms and these increase certainly aren’t going to cause either of them to lose any sleep.  However it does cement Windows Phone as the 3rd horse in the Mobile OS race and proves that Microsoft’s focus on the platform and devices is not a fruitless effort.

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