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Microsoft Announces The Lumia 430 As The Dive to The Price Bottom Continues

Continuing their dive to the bottom of the price barrel on smartphones, Microsoft today has announced the new Lumia 430.  This $70 Windows Phone 8.1 powered device has minimal specs as you would expect for that price point but does has a few things going for it in that it is upgradable to Windows 10 for Phone and it is a Dual-SIM device.  Otherwise this phone is not going to set the world alight but that really isn’t want Microsoft is intending with the Lumia 430.  It is a budget friendly phone aimed at specific markets (APAC, IMEA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus) to go after the “next billion” in Microsoft plans.

That means we will likely never see the Lumia 430 here in the United States.

Angry Birds Star Wars II Gets a 32 Level Update for Windows Phone

If you know me, you know I have an Angry Birds addiction problem.  Need proof?


Yeah, I know. Intervention time. Anyway, for those of you who share my addition, you will be pleased to hear that there is an update for Angry Birds Star Wars II in the Windows Phone store today.  The update, version 1.8.1 for those keeping score at home, brings 32 new levels to the game and, as always, the update is free.

Angry Birds Star Wars II – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

OneDrive Integration Comes to Xbox Music

A feature that many of us have wanted has finally arrived.  Microsoft today has flipped the switch and you can now store your music within OneDrive and stream that music directly from any device.  The update means that you can have Xbox Music look in the new Music folder that is now in your OneDrive account and you can upload your music to that folder.  Once you do that and everything is synchronized, you can stream your music straight from OneDrive, eliminating the need for storing it locally.

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone Updated with Performance Improvements and Sync Features

The Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone has received an update that brings significant performance improvements along with the ability to message people using their mobile numbers from within the app.  The update, version for those keeping score at home, is the latest evolution in the Messenger app where Facebook wants to be your one-stop shop for messaging friends on the social network as well as those not on it.  The browser war may be over but the messenger war rages on between Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and others.

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Lumia 640 and Lumia 640XL Now Available for Pre-Order At The Microsoft Store in The UK

The recently announced Lumia 640 and Lumia 640XL have made their way to the Microsoft Store in the UK and are available for Pre-Order.  In case you missed it, these are the two new Lumias that were announced at Mobile World Congress and are 5″ and 5.7″ mid-range Windows Phones respectively.  The pricing is in line with what was expected.  The Lumia 640 will be about $250 while the larger Lumia 640XL is equal to $325.  Both can be pre-ordered now with a release date of April 28 being posted on the site.

The Audible for Windows Phone Beta App Gets Another Update

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the new Audible for Windows Phone beta that is out and how even as a beta it is far superior to the current production app that is available.  Over the weekend the app received another update to address some issues but also to add a couple of options.  The updated, version for those keeping score at home, is available now and while I don’t normally suggest you try beta software unless you know what you are getting into, this one is worth the download if you are an Audible customer.

Audible for Windows Phone (BETA) – Free – Download Now

The Ninja Cat Wallpapers for Windows Phone

So a funny thing happened this afternoon.  As I took a break from my Saturday goings on I snapped a screenshot of my Ninja Cat wallpaper on my Windows Phone and Tweeted it.  Why?  I kinda like it and with all the Ninja Cat fun stuff going around, I thought I’d throw my .02 cents into it.

What I DID NOT expect was the massive amounts of retweets and emails asking me for it.  So now that I’ve finished drinking my green beer for Saint Patty’s Day, I’ve posted them up on the Wallpaper page.  There are two versions – the blue one which I showed on my Lock screen in my Tweet and a white version.

Please note, I did not create these images.  I honestly don’t know who the author is but props to them for making them as they are great fun.  Actually, I do know now! Microsoft MVP Michael Gillett created them.  Thanks Michael – great stuff here!  You can see Michael’s original images and his other wallpapers on his site

Don’t forget to order your Ninja Cat shirt from the team over at Windows Central.

Cortana Coming to iOS and Android And Nobody Should Be Surprised

In a lengthy and revealing interview, Microsoft’s Eric Horvitz has indicated that the personal assistant Cortana will be making her way to iOS and Android in the future as a standalone app.  As most Windows and Windows Phone users will know, Cortana is a part of Windows Phone today (Lumia Cyan and higher) while she will be coming to Windows 10 on the PC and tablet when it is released later this year.  It is a surprise in some ways as this has been a differentiation point for Windows Phone in particular.  But equally, with Microsoft pushing more and more to being the app company regardless of the device you use, it isn’t too shocking.

NCAA March Madness Live App Update for 2015 Tournament

The NCAA March Madness Live app for Windows Phone and for Windows PC has been update for the upcoming 2015 tournament along with a load of other features.  The app, which will allow you to watch every game of the tournament through logging in with your television provider.  Regardless of if the game is on TBS, CBS (which doesn’t require a login), TNT or truTV, you can stream every game and watch every buzzer beater, upset and Cinderella story this year.  The update, version for those keeping score at home, also brings a refreshed user experience along with the new features.

NCAA March Madness Live for Windows – Free – Download Now

NCAA March Madness Live for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Bank of America Officially Kills Windows and Windows Phone Apps

Last month Bank of America announced that they would be ending support for their Windows and Windows Phone apps in March.  It seems that today was the day for the switch to be flipped.  As of this morning users of the apps are receiving an error message stating that it is no longer supported.  Users are advised to go to the BofA website for their banking needs.  It’s a sad day and as a BofA customer it is frustrating.