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Verizon Is Frustrating The Windows Phone Story in America

If you are a Windows Phone user and on Verizon, the last two weeks have been a pretty frustrating experience.  Last week they announced they are retiring the Lumia Icon (Lumia 930) and just yesterday it was widely reported that Verizon will not be stocking the new Lumia 730 until early 2015, almost six months after its release.  It compounds an already poor user experience for Windows Phone owners on Verizon when it comes to updates and really smacks of the platform as being a distant 3rd cousin once removed in the eyes of the company.  It’s sad and frustrating and is part of the daily struggle Windows Phone faces in the US market.

Lumia Storyteller App For Window Phone Gets A Nice Update

The Lumia Storyteller App for Windows Phone has received a nice update, bringing some new controls and features to the timeline based app for your photos.  If you are not familiar with it, Lumia Storyteller creates a timeline of your photos and videos on your Windows Phone where photos lumped together in a storyboard like fashion.  It is a great alternative to Photos on Windows Phone.

In your timeline you can browse your stories and modify them, then view them as slideshows or share them with friends. You can also sort your photos and videos by location, add captions and create a list of favorites, and when you’re looking at a photo you can zoom out to see where you took it on a map.

Lumia Storyteller for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Extras+Info App for Windows Phone Update – NOT Lumia Denim

Microsoft has released a small update to the Extras+Info app for Windows Phone that has caused a bit of a stir today in the community.  It was released a few hours ago but almost immediately rumors began floating that this was Lumia Denim, the next firmware update expected this year for Windows Phone.  Folks, this is not Lumia Denim.  It is simply an app update.

Now, what exactly was updated in Extras+Info is pretty vague in that the description highlights stability improvements.  So nothing terribly exciting.

Lumia Denim, which will bring a whole set of new features to Windows Phone, will be released later this year.

Network Speed Test for Windows Phone Review

There are times in life were we just need to try to understand why… why!… your WiFi connection on your Windows Phone is so slow.  It’s not your fault, usually, but it happens.  This is particularly true if you are out and about slurping up free WiFi from your coffee shop, hotel or other public locations because, let’s face it, you and everyone else are doing the exact same thing.  Enter Network Speed Test for Windows Phone.

Network Speed Test is a free app from Microsoft that allows you with a single tap of your Windows Phone screen to see what your download and upload throughput are to your device along with other important, if not more technical, tidbits of network information.  It’s quick, simple and will answer the mystery of why the Interwebs are a crawl at your favorite hangout.

Network Speed Test for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

UPDATE – Halo: Spartan Strike Coming to Windows Phone in December

Halo fans, time to get excited!  WPCentral is reporting that Halo: Spartan Strike is coming to Windows and Windows Phone in December.  The top-down shooter, by all indications, appears to be similar to Halo: Spartan Assault.

According to WPCentral, here is what is known about the game so far:

  • Universal Windows App. Buy it once, and play on both Windows and Windows Phone.
  • Supports Windows Phone devices with 512MB RAM.
  • All-new Halo adventure and new Promethean foes
  • Similar controls and gameplay to Halo: Spartan Assault
  • Progress earned in one device transfers to other devices.
  • You can drive the iconic warthog and the new Kestrel VTOL.

If the details prove to be true, it could be a fantastic game for both your PC and your Windows Phone.  It would also represent the second Halo franchise game this year as Spartan Assault was released in June which is outstanding.

Update:  WPCentral now has a more in depth first look on their site.