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6Tag for Windows Phone Updated With Improved Photo Quality

The popular Instagram app 6Tag has received another update for those who use it on Windows Phone.  This latest update, version 4.1 for those keeping score at home, was hinted at last week by developer Rudy Huyn on Twitter and included a tease of the biggest improvement of the release:  Improved photo upload quality.  6Tag is my favorite Instagram app for Windows Phone, far outstripping the year-long beta Instagram official app in features and functionality.

6Tag for Windows Phone – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

PayPal Here Launched for Windows Phone

A few weeks ago PayPal launched PayPal Here for Windows 8.1, an app that allows you to take credit card and PayPal payments on your Windows PC or Tablet.  This morning that same app has come to Windows Phone giving you the option to take payments in your place of business.  No longer are you tied to being “behind the register” or, as the case may be, your Surface Tablet.

For those who aren’t familiar with PayPal Here…

PayPal Here is the secure and easy-to-use mobile business app for all your payment needs. Get back-office management, POS, and start accepting credit and debit card payments—in person and on the go—with our mobile card reader and free app

It is an inexpensive way to get a point-of-sale going for your place of business in no time.

PayPal Here for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Age of Empires Castle Siege Gets Another Big Update for Windows and Windows Phone

Age of Empires Castle Siege, the medieval civilization building game, has received another major update from Microsoft Studios.  The game gets one of these about every month and this one is certainly an important one to get. The update is for both Windows and Windows Phone (remember, it is a universal app) and brings several game play improvements as well as a host of bug fixes.

The two biggest changes amongst them as a player is the decrease in resource producing things like farms and mills build time so you can start collecting resources faster while the other is the increased length of peace treaties so there is a longer time between attacks on your empire.  This later is important if you are away from the game a day or two.  The update, version for those keeping score at home, is available now in both the Windows and Windows Phone Stores.

Age of Empires Castle Siege – Windows (Universal App) – Download Now

Age of Empires Castle Siege – Windows Phone (Universal App) – Download Now

Dead Trigger 2 Comes to Windows Phone With 600 Zombie Killing Scenarios

To say that Dead Trigger 2 is popular is a slight understatement.  Between iOS and Android downloads, the Zombie first-person shooter has been downloaded over 33 million times and now we can start adding Windows Phone downloads to that count.  The game made its debut in the Windows Phone store today after a few weeks of teasing from developer Madfinger Games and it is nothing short of awesome.

Dead Trigger 2 for Windows Phone – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

I Spent A Few Days With Android – And It Was Depressing

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine who shall remain nameless but works for Samsung sent a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8″ tablet.  The joke was, I showed up at a meeting with my Toshiba Encore 2 8″ tablet and he, being an Android centric company, gave me a fair amount of shtick over the Windows tablet coming into the meeting.  In reply, I said, send me a tablet and I’ll happily give it a go.

So there you go.  I now have a Galaxy Tab 4 tablet (which I have to send back to him BTW).

With the amount of travel I’ve had going on though it wasn’t until this past week and weekend that I had the chance to use this tablet and, more importantly, Android in anger.  The net result:  It was a very depressing experience but not for the reason you would expect from an admitted Windows and Windows Phone fanboy.

Viber For Windows Phone Update Brings Photo Viewing A Swipe Away

For those of you who are use Viber as your text and messaging app, there is an update today that makes photo sharing a little bit easier.  The updated version of Viber for Windows Phone brings two new features with the biggest one being the ability to easily view all photos in a chat by Swiping in a chat session.  It is a quick way to go find that photo from a few days ago without having to do long scrolls back up the message feed.  The update, version 4.5 for those keeping score at home, is available now in the Windows Phone store.

If you aren’t familiar with Viber, it is a cross platform text, messaging, video sharing and photo sharing app.  If you are thinking it sounds a lot like Skype, you would be correct.

Viber for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

OneDrive for Windows Phone Sees a Minor Update

The OneDrive for Windows Phone app has seen another small update with the focus on the vague “bug fixes and performance improvements” category.  The update, version for those keeping score at home, does not list any other updates or changes as part of the update.  I appreciate these types of updates are not super exciting but it is good to see developers, particularly Microsoft, continue to improve and tweak their apps.

If you have auto updates enabled on your Windows Phone then you have likely already had this update pushed to your phone.  If not, go to the Store, tap the Menu button (…) > Settings then scroll down to Check for Updates.  The update is tiny so it will only take a minute or so to install.

Remember, if you have not signed up for OneDrive, you can do so at this link.  Free accounts get 15GB of storage for free and if you have your Windows Phone automatically upload photos to the service, you get an additional 15GB for free.

OneDrive for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Runtastic and Runtastic Pro for Windows Phone Gets A Big Updates

The official Runtastic (Free) and Runtastic Pro ($4.99) for Windows Phone apps have received a healthy update today, bringing several new features to help you better track your activities.  While most of the updates are aimed at the Pro version of the app, there are still plenty of new updates for those who have the free app and it is well worth the update.  The new update, version for those keeping score at home, are both available now in the Windows Phone Store.

Runtastic – Free – Download Now

Runtastic Pro – $4.99 – Download Now

ESPN Hub Relaunched As All New ESPN App

ESPN has had an app, the ESPN Hub, in the Windows Phone Store for a couple of years now but it hasn’t seen many updates.  Today however the sports broadcasting company made up for it in spades.  The new ESPN App is essentially a relaunch of the ESPN Hub and it is a major update to this app.  The new ESPN app, version for those keeping score at home, has a completely new look and feel over the old ESPN Hub app and it brings sports to you front-and-center with things like real time updates, scores and highlights from all the major sports leagues and you can stream ESPN radio for free from the app.

Best of all, this new app is free and available right now in the Store.

ESPN App for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

6Tag for Windows Phone Gets Another Update And Remains THE Instagram Client for Windows Phone

The go-to client in my opinion for Instagram for Windows Phone is 6Tag, one of the many apps that developer Rudy Huyn has developed for the platform.  6Tag over the course of the last few months has received numerous updates as it is continually improved – a far cry from the year old Instagram official app that sits stale in the Windows Phone Store.  This latest update to 6Tag, version for those keeping score at home, brings two new features an improvements to the Live Tile.

6Tag for Windows Phone – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now