Looking For F1 Wallpapers for Your Windows Phone? Check 1800pocketpc.com

Earlier today I posted about WP7 Wallpapers, a site that has a lot of great wallpapers for your Windows Phone.  A reader tipped me to check out 1800PocketPC.com for another place to get some great wallpapers.  I check it out and they do have a great selection but there was one section that caught my eye.

Formula 1 wallpapers!

For those of you who know me know I’m a HUGE fan of Formula 1 and Saijo George at 1800PocketPC has got a great selection of them for the top teams in F1 including my beloved Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari Wallpaper on 1800PocketPC.com

Scuderia Ferrari Wallpaper on 1800PocketPC.com

Check out the full rundown of F1 wallpapers at 1800PocketPC

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