14 New Windows Phone Wallpapers

It is a rainy holiday here in England today so I’ve taken advantage of the forced inside time to get a little editing done.  Over on the Windows Phone Wallpaper page I’ve added 14 new 720×1280 wallpapers that I’ve been busy creating this morning.  All of these you are free to download and use on your own devices and share them as you please.  I’ve also added them to this post after the break.

I’ve also taken some time this morning to generally clean up the page, dividing it into two sections.  The top section remains the 480×800 Windows Phone wallpapers that are for Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices with lower resolution screens.  The new 720×1280 section is just below it on the page.

Here then are all 14 of the new wallpapers I added to the Windows Phone Wallpaper page.  You can right-click them here and save them to your PC or Mac.  If you are visiting this page from your Windows Phone, just tap the image then save it to your camera roll.

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