Google Contributor Now Refunds Unused Portions Each Month

Google has made a change to the Google Contributor program that will benefit those who use the service.  If you aren’t familiar with it, Contributor allows you to enjoy a more ad-free web by contributing an amount each month to site you enjoy visiting. participates in Google Contributor and for those in the program, about 95% of the ads on the site are hidden when you visit.  You can get more information about joining by clicking the banner at the top of any page on the site or this link – and thank you!

Essentially what this change to the service does is give you a refund back for any unused portion of the funds you contribute to a site.  Let’s say you contribute $6.99 per month to but you only visited a few times and used up say $2.99 in “ad revenue” to the site.  Google will no refund you that $4.00.  Previously, any unused portion would be rolled over for

The App

The App

those months were you visited a lot and didn’t have enough funds.

Put another way, you only pay out of your monthly contribution what you use when you visit the site you have contributed to each month.

At the end of each billing month (except your free month) you’ll get a refund for any money that has not been used toward the removal of ads. You’ve also received a refund for the unused balance for all of the previous billing cycles during the life of your Contributor account.

This is a a nice change to the program and one that should make the decision to contribute to a site a bit easier.  So what happens if you run out of your monthly contribution funds?  Ads just start showing up again so no, you are not charged more.

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