AT&T Next Gets Slimmed Down Starting July 9

AT&T has announced that starting July 9th, they will be slimmed down their AT&T Next payment and upgrade program, from four options down to two for simplification reasons.  For those who aren’t familiar with the program, AT&T Next is an option that allows you to pay out your new Smartphone over 24 or 30 months with the option to upgrade you phone after 12 or 24 months of payments.  The program provides the ability to purchase phones at 0% interest so it is a great plan for AT&T customers who want a new phone but can’t necessarily shell out $500 or more up front.

Starting on July 9th, the program will have two tiers:

  • AT&T Next Every Year:  Upgrade your phone every 12 months after you have paid 12 payments or 50% of the retail value of your current device.  Pay off the phone in 24 monthsAT&T Logo
  • AT&T Next:  Upgrade your phone every 24 months after you have paid 24 payments or 80% of the retail value of your current device.  Pay off the phone in 30 months.

In both plans, you can pay off your phone with no penalty early if you want to do so which, of course, makes you eligible for a new phone faster.

To put the program into perspective, if you were to get a Samsung Galaxy S7 on the 12 months plan, it would be $34.75 while the 24 month plan would drop that cost per month down to $23.17.

More details can be found in the announcement but if you want to get the Next 18 plan, you need to do it before July 9th.

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