Get Monsters, Inc. Free from Disney By Linking Accounts

If you are willing to do a little work and link some accounts, Disney has a great deal for you.  Right now if you download the Disney Movies Anywhere app for Android, sign up and then link an account, you will get a free copy of Monsters, Inc. added to your account.  If you aren’t familiar with the app, it serves as a central repository for all movies from Disney, from animated classics to the modern remake of The Jungle Book.  You buy movies through the app and they are purchased through whatever app store you have linked to the app.  Then the movie appears in the Disney Movies Anywhere app and in the linked accounts movies.  So for example, I linked my Google account to the Disney app and my Microsoft account.  When I make a purchase of a movie through the app, that movie appears in both my Google and my Microsoft accounts.  I don’t have to repurchase!

The connected accounts that are supported include iTunes, Amazon Video, VUDU, Google Play, Microsoft and Fios by Verizon.  You can also select which account you want to pay with if you have

Monsters Inc. In the Disney Movies Anywhere app

Monsters Inc. In the Disney Movies Anywhere app

multiple linked accounts.  Pretty darn cool if you ask me and a great way to build your Disney movie collection and get them on multiple accounts.

There is no purchase required to get the free digital copy of Monsters, Inc.  Just sign up for a Disney account in the Movies Anywhere app, link an account or two and you’ll have the movie automatically added to the app and the other services that you link.

Download Disney Movies Anywhere in the Play Store

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