Google Assistant Can Now Set Music to Your Alarms

Google is rolling out some cloud-side change to Google Assistant that will be great additions.  The new updates were announced today with the headliner being that you can now set alarms to sound off with music instead of the default beeping.  To do this, just say “Hey Google, set an alarm for 6 tomorrow morning that plays (insert artist name)”.  This is a much more personal experience but also should prove to be far less jarring when you are woken up by your favorite artist instead of a harsh beeping.

Improvements have also been made in Google Assistant to help you find your favorite television shows.  This builds on some of the functionality that Assistant already has, including the ability to start playing a show from your Chromecast enabled television on Netflix or Google Movies & TV.

Now you can say, “Hey Google, what times does Vikings come on?” and Assistant will now tell you the time and station.  You can also set yourself a reminder to watch the show every time it is broadcasted.

All of these improvements are designed to make the interactions you have with Assistant more natural but also more useful.

There is nothing that you need to do for these new features to work.  The changes are happening on Google’s end of the equation so they will just start working on Assistant enabled devices.

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