Microsoft To Change Windows Insiders Terms After Windows 10 Event

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Microsoft has sent out an email notice to all participants of the Windows Insider program that terms and conditions will be changing after next week’s Windows 10 event in Redmond.  While no specifics were given in the email, members are encouraged to check the T&Cs page after the 21st for the new rules of engagement.  It is yet another hint that the event next Tuesday is going to be huge with a lot of announcements and updates.

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Microsoft has made an important and powerful update to the platform that allows you to save email attachments directly to your OneDrive folder.  The update was quietly rolled out to some users over the weekend but is now available to all users and is a powerful step forward for the online email service.

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Windows 10 Event Live Stream Information Posted By Microsoft

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The Microsoft Windows 10 media event next Tuesday, January 21st, is shaping up to be a huge day for the Redmond company and now you can be a part.  On the Microsoft Blog the company has posted details about how you can view the live stream of the event from Microsoft’ campus where the consumer version of the next version of Windows is expected to be announced amongst many other things.

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Lumia 830 Unlocked – $369.99 on Amazon

Here is another great deal running currently on Amazon.  Right now you can get the Lumia 830 International Unlocked version for only $369.99.  That’s a full $130 less than what you can buy it from AT&T or Microsoft direct on their sites.  The “Affordable Flagship” has done reasonably well here in the US market and at this price it certainly is one to consider.

The International Unlocked version means that it will work here in the US with no problem but you will not be able to use LTE connectivity.  You will only have HSDPA+ which is really fast 3G.  Personally, this is what I have on my Lumia 1320 as it is also an international unlock version that I acquired while in Europe.  Unless you just really, really need LTE, HSDPA+ will meet the needs of most users.

Lumia 830 International Unlocked – $369.99 – Amazon

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Microsoft Announces The Lumia 532

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Microsoft has announced a second new Lumia this morning after the earlier announcement of the Lumia 435.  The new Lumia 532 is aimed at the European, APAC and IMEA markets and sports slightly higher specifications than the Lumia 435.  In fact dimension wise it is almost identical to the 435 but with some slightly more impressive features.

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Microsoft Announces The Lumia 435

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Microsoft this morning announced the all new, ultra budget friendly Lumia 435 this morning.  The newest Lumia will be available in Europe, APAC and IMEA in February and will retail for around $80 which makes it the most affordable current Lumia device on the market.  The announcement comes just days before the big Microsoft event in Redmond next Tuesday where several anouncements around Windows 10 and Windows Mobile are expected.

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Patch Tuesday Brings Fix for Google Exposed Security Flaw

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Today is the 2nd Tuesday of the month and you know what that means:  Patch Tuesday!  Today’s fixes, eight in total, include several security fixes and improvements to Windows 8.1 including a fix for the security flaw that Google exposed two days ago.  The updates are all available now and if you haven’t updated, run Windows Update to get them.

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