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How To Enable Night Light Mode in Chrome OS

With many of us spending hours a day looking at computer displays, eye strain is a real problem for many.  This is particularly true late at night or early in the morning when we tend to view these screens in low light situations.  If the screen is to bright or has too much blue, it can cause eye strain.  To combat this, developers have rolled out a feature named Night Light.

Night Light essentially filters out the blue light in a display, turning it a warm sepia color, which reduces eye strain.  While Google has introduced this in Android, up until recently it wasn’t even an option in Chrome OS.

The feature made its way into the beta builds of Chrome 60 back in September but it wasn’t until Chrome 62 that it made it to the Stable channel.  Now, in Chrome 63, you still have to enable it manually to make it an option that is available to you on your Chromebook.  In this How To, I’ll show you where to find it and how to enable Night Light on your Chromebook.  I’ll also show you how to configure it to where it automatically turns on at a particular time each day.

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