15 New Wallpapers Available for Your Android or Windows Phone

This morning I have uploaded 15 new wallpapers for you to download (for free) and use on your Android or Windows Phone device.  These wallpapers are not original creations but rather a collection of those I have found across the Web over the past few weeks.  As such it is a bit of what I like and hopefully you will too.

To get to the wallpaper page, just use the top navigation of the site or click this link.  There you will find the entire collection.

Wallpapers are a great way to personalize your mobile experience, be it your phone, tablet or even your laptop PC or Macbook.  There are literally millions of them on the web so my little collection is far from complete nor will it have something for everyone.

The collection on the site is made up of wallpapers I have created myself, collected on Google+ and other social sites and from friends.  Unless noted, I clam no original creativity and if you are the author of one of these wallpapers, do let me know so I can give proper credit.  Likewise, if you see a wallpaper you have created and don’t want it posted here, I have no problem taking them down.

On most device you can simply download the background of your choice in your browser so you can quickly and easily add it to your device.

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