Today’s Deal – Nexus 5X 32GB Down to $239 on eBay

Earlier this week I told you about a deal over at eBay on the Nexus 5X, 16GB storage model for $199.  That’s a great deal but if you want one with 32GB, you can also get a great deal on that model as well on eBay.  Currently the 32GB model of the Nexus 5X is down to $239.99, a savings of about 40% over what you can pick it up from Google directly. The nice thing is, the 32GB model is available in Carbon and Quartz where as the 16GB model is only available in Quartz.

Obviously with the new Marlin and Sailfish Nexus devices on their way, we can expect to see the prices starting to drop on the 5X and 6P but these are still solid devices.  Plus, as you probably already know, the 5X is upgradable to Android Nougat.

Today’s Deal – Acer 14″ Chromebook 4GB/32GB Storage for $269

Today’s Deal over at eBay is on a great Chromebook from Acer.  Right now you can get the Acer 14″ Chromebook with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage for $269.  This deal is being offered by Best Buy through eBay which means that you can buy it online through eBay and pick it up today at your local Best Buy store (assuming they have it in stock).  That in store pick up is free and if you don’t have a store nearby, you can have it shipped to you free as well.  Equally as important, this Chromebook is on the list of devices that will be able to run Android apps when that feature is released later this year.

PayPal Update Adds Android Fingerprint Support

The PayPal app for Android has been updated with full support of the Android Fingerprint API.  That addition to the app means that you can use your fingerprint to sign into the app instead of having to use a PIN.  The app, this point, has supported the Samsung Fingerprint API which was to the benefit of Samsung device owners.  Now that they have moved over to the Android API, anyone with a fingerprint reader on their device will be able to sign into the app with it.

The setup of your fingerprint in the app is pretty easy and I’ll cover that after the break.

Project Fi Set to Improve International Data Usage Tracking

Project Fi subscribers are about to get some much needed improvements around international data usage tracking.  In a post in the Fi user forums, Community Manager Jordan posted that improved graphs and the ability to setup threshold warnings is coming to the service.

We’re improving the way you keep track of your international data usage with Project Fi. Currently, international data is not included in the threshold for triggering data usage alerts nor the data usage graph (under Account > Current Cycle). We’ll be making changes to both of these features to include international data usage to help you view and monitor more accurately. Note that international data is the same rate you’ve always paid, $10 per GB.

This is great news as now international users of the service will be able to track their data more discretely versus their domestic data usage.

Transit App Update Brings Transit Maps

The latest update to the popular Transit App for Android has brought a much requested and desired feature by users:  Transit Maps.  Now when you are in a location with a public transportation system, not only do you get the bus, subway and train schedules near you, the display also includes the map of those routes so you can see where they go.  Even better, the team at Transit App has made the routes color coded to those of the city you are viewing.  So, for example, the A Line in Denver leads from Union Station to Denver International Airport and is designated as a light blue on any Denver RTD map.  In Transit App, the line is in the same shade of blue and it shows you exactly how it goes from the city center to the airport.

Project Fi Update Brings Chat Support

A small but important update is currently rolling out for the Project Fi app.  The update brings the ability for users to chat with Project Fi support, not just an email or phone call from within the app.  Fi users have been able to chat with support but, to this point, it has only been through the Fi website.  This update gives you all three modes to contact the Fi team to get help or get questions answered.  As a Fi users, I’m glad to see this update as I there are times where having a chat session is faster than an email or phone call, especially if I’m on-the-go.

To access this new option, just open the Project Fi app, swipe over to the Support tab and tap on Chat.  Easy-peasy.

Huawei Includes Honor 5x in Software Update Policy

Last week I posted that Huawei had clarified their software update policy on the Honor 8.  This week the Chinese manufacture has added the Honor 5x to the list of devices under the new upgrade policy.  That means both of the latest devices, for the next 24 months, will see major and minor updates.  It is good news for sure as the Honor 5x has been a popular device (and at $189 unlocked, it’s not hard to see why) and Huawei is doing their part to keep their devices up-to-date.

Well done Huawei.

Get Monsters, Inc. Free from Disney By Linking Accounts

If you are willing to do a little work and link some accounts, Disney has a great deal for you.  Right now if you download the Disney Movies Anywhere app for Android, sign up and then link an account, you will get a free copy of Monsters, Inc. added to your account.  If you aren’t familiar with the app, it serves as a central repository for all movies from Disney, from animated classics to the modern remake of The Jungle Book.  You buy movies through the app and they are purchased through whatever app store you have linked to the app.  Then the movie appears in the Disney Movies Anywhere app and in the linked accounts movies.  So for example, I linked my Google account to the Disney app and my Microsoft account.  When I make a purchase of a movie through the app, that movie appears in both my Google and my Microsoft accounts.  I don’t have to repurchase!

Full List of Chromebooks That Will Get Android Apps

Earlier today I posted Today’s Deal on the Asus C201 Chromebook over at Amazon.  That post generated a couple of comments and questions around just which Chromebooks are going to see the Chrome 53 update that will bring Android apps to them.  For the record, the C201 is one of the Chromebooks that will be able to run Android apps when it is released later this year.  But what about the others?  Fortunately the Chromium team at Google have put together a comprehensive list.

To be clear, this list was originally posted by the Chromium team back in May and there have been some additions of newer Chromebooks that have hit the market.  It is likely that most new Chromebooks that meet the minimum specifications will be added to this list so bookmark this link for the most up-to-date list.  After the break I’ve posted the most recent update to the list from the Chromium team.  It’s searchable so just Ctrl+F to find your Chromebook in the list.

Play Solitaire Within Google Search

The Google Search team has added two fun games to Search that you can start playing immediately without any downloads.  On your Android phone, type in Solitaire or tic tac toe and you can immediately start playing the classic games right from within the Search results.  The new additions are just the latest in a series of app-like functionality within the Search app.  Previously information on the US election was added and more recently, detailed information about the Olympics in Rio were just a search away.  Games are nothing new either. You have been able to search flip a coin and get a coin toss from within search results too.  Now you have two more to play.

Google Photos Hits 500 Million Downloads

Google Photos, the photo and video storage app-meets-service for Android and iOS, has hit an important milestone in the Google Play Store.  The app has now been downloaded an eye watering 500 million times, putting it in very rarefied air in the Play Store.  To put this into perspective, Snapchat is only in the 100 million download range along with Pokemon Go.  Yep, the app that has been the craze for the last month hasn’t come close to where Photos is when it comes to downloads.  Even Netflix is only at 100 million.  You get the idea:  500 million is a big deal.

For those of you who haven’t tried Google Photos, is stores all of your photos online (which you can get to via so your photos are stored not only on your phone but in the cloud.  When you use the Free Up Space feature (which was highlighted in adverts during the Olympics), the photos are deleted from your phone but kept safe online.  Even better, if you store photos in High Quality, it doesn’t count against your Google Drive storage.

Google Duo Tops 5 Million Downloads in The First Week

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai took to Twitter last night and provided an important update to everyone:  Google Duo has hit the 5 million download mark.  The new video calling app was released the same day as Android Nougat and frankly is a pretty refined experience versus other video calling solutions.  Duo gives you a preview of who is calling before you even accept the call.

While 5 million isn’t exactly huge when you compare it to the hundreds of millions of Android phones and iPhones out there, it is significant in that there is some excitement around this new video app.

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