Chrome 51 Released for Windows and Mac

The Chromium team has released Chrome build 51 for Windows and Mac, updating the browser with a significant number of bug fixes and security improvements.  The updated build is version 51.0.2704.63 and it is available now for those of you who have the browser installed.  To force the update, go to Menu>Settings>About and the browser will go and look for the update, download it and after you restart your the browser, will apply it.  Do note Linux users, this update is not available to you just yet.  The release notice from the Chromium team indicates that the Linux build will be coming out shortly.

Google May Shame Manufactures and Carriers to Update Devices

One of the biggest challenges facing Android as a platform but mobile devices in general is security.  For their part, Google has been working hard to get security updates out to devices on a monthly basis.  The problem, however, is not Nexus devices.  It is the countless other manufactures and carriers out there who are painfully slow or simply refuse to update devices with the latest security updates in a timely manner.  It leaves consumers vulnerable unnecessarily.  It would seem that Google has had enough and may be about to use a tactic to get manufactures and carriers to update devices.

Public shaming.

OnePlus Drops The Price of The OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X

As has become the standard operating procedure for OEMs when they are about to release a new phone, OnePlus has dropped the price on both the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X on their site.  The OnePlus 3, the manufactures next “flagship killer” is expected to be launched next month which means you can pick up a great deal on either of these phones from 2015.  Right now the OnePlus 2 is available in Sandstone finish, has 64GB of storage, 4GB of RAM and a 13MP rear camera for $299.  The 2 has a 5.5″ display and is powered by OnePlus’ own version of Android, OxygenOS.  Right now it is still based on Android Lollipop but the Marshmallow update is in final beta testing and should be released soon.

AndroidPay Sees 48 New Banks Including Capital One

Android Pay has received another round of banks and financial institutions that support the tap-and-pay service, including Capital One (finally).  In all, there are 48 new banks and financial institutions added to the service, ranging from big nationals to small local banks and Credit Unions.  It is just the latest in what has turned into a series of updates to the service and the institutions that support it for their customers.  These new additions mean that customers can add their debit card from a supported bank and use it to pay for things at a touch terminal.

TripAdvisor Teams Up With Google Play Music For Travel Soundtracks

TripAdvisor and Google Play Music have teamed up with a unique promotion that gives you unique stations in the music service for the locations you are searching in the travel app.  Here is now it works:  Type in a city or country you want to visit in TripAdvisor and when you find it, tap it.  Now scroll about halfway down and you will see a new Google Play Music section with unique stations for that location.  From there you can save these stations in your Music library for playing later.  The combination of the apps gives you great travel information and music germane to that location.

Google Photos for Web Adds Bulk Date Editing and Easy Photo Removal from Albums

Google Photos on the web has received a great update this morning that brings two highly requested features to the photo service.  The first is the ability to bulk change the date and time on photos that you have imported.  This is great for those of you who have scanned in old photos (think pre-smartphone) and want to have them with the correct date (like your 17th birthday back in the 70s or 80s).  Once you have scanned the photos into Google Photos, you can select them and use the overflow menu in the upper right corner to change the date.  Once they are changed, the photos get reorganized in Photos according to that date.

Google Street View Adds A Virtual Walk Through The Ferrari Museum

Today, Google Street View has released a curated walk through the Ferrari museum in Maranello, Italy.  The collection of views allows you to walk through the famous road car and Formula One team’s museums and see many parts of the Ferrari campus as well.  For any fan of the Scuderia, this is a great edition and even if you are not a big F1 or Ferrari fan, this walk through is pretty sweet.  To find them, just search for Ferrari in the app and you’ll be taken to the new collection.

Security Update Comes to The Galaxy S7 Lineup on T-Mobile

If you are on the T-Mobile network and have a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, you will want to check for a small but important security update that has been released by the carrier.  The update brings a security fix to the device although the details of exactly what was fixed is not explicitly laid out in the release notes.  It isn’t the May Android Security update as that came earlier in the month so this is a separate fix from that release.  On the Galaxy S7, you are looking for build G930TUVS3APD8 while on the S7 Edge, you will want to look for build G935TUVU3APD8.

Twitter Announces Changes Coming To 140 Character Limit

While rumors have been floating for a couple of weeks, this morning Twitter made it official that big changes are coming to the 140 character limit of the micro-blogging site.  The updates, which will take effect over the course of the next several months, will make replies and attached images not count against your character limit.  That means you can attach a photo to your Tweet and it not consume upwards of 23 characters to link.  It is a huge change and while the 140 character limit which has made the service popular is still in place, it will become a lot more user friendly and flexible as these updates roll out.

Netflix Becomes Exclusive US Streaming Service For Disney, Lucasfilm and Pixar in September

If you are not a subscriber to Netflix and want to be sure you can see streaming movies from Disney, Lucasfilm and Pixar, you may want to consider signing up.  Starting in September, the streaming service will be the exclusive home here in the US for these studios.  It is a big win for Netflix who, along with this announcement, gave everyone a preview of what will be available on the service this summer.  What this deal means is that it will keep Disney, Lucasfilm and Pixar flicks off of rival services and even subscription services during the first run time frame.

SanDisk 64GB Class 10 MicroSD Now Only $17.99 on Amazon

If you have been in the market to upgrade your MicroSD card or pick up a spare, today over at Amazon there is a great sale going on with SanDisk.  Today you can pick up a 64GB MicroSD, Class 10 card for just $17.99, a savings of 70% over the regular price of $42.  The card has a 80MB/s transfer rate so it is plenty fast for any Android device and given it is a Class 10 device, it has the speed to deal with Full HD video too.  The card will come with a MicroSD adapter so you can use it in your digital camera or other devices.  The sale at Amazon on the SanDisk card isn’t just on the 64GB model, others are on sale as well at some really good prices.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Starts Seeing Android Marshmallow on T-Mobile

Good news Samsung Galaxy S5 users who are on T-Mobile:  Android Marshmallow is coming your way.  T-Mobile has updated the Software support page for the Galaxy S5 on their support site and have indicated that the update to the latest version of Android is starting to roll out to devices today.  The builds you are looking for are G900T3UVU1GPE1 OR G900TUVU1GPE1 depending on your device model and when you update, you will be moved to Marshmallow 6.0.1.  You will also need to download the update over Wi-Fi as it weighs in at just over 1GB in size.

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