OneNote for Android Updated With Advanced Editing Features

Microsoft has released a new update to the OneNote for Android app that brings several new and advanced editing features to the note taking app.  The update, version 15.0.3931.1008 for those keeping score at home, follows up on the general release of the entire Office for Android Phone yesterday.  While a part of the Office suite as a whole, OneNote for Android has been out for Android phone and tablets for some time now and is on a different development cycle.  This app is also free and it uses your OneDrive account to store and sync your notes.

OneNote for Android – Free – Download Now

Microsoft Officially Launches Office for Android Phone Apps

After spending the last few months in Preview (Beta) mode, Microsoft has officially launched the Office for Android Phone apps to the general public.  The new Excel, PowerPoint and Word apps are now universal apps for both Android tablets & phones and are available for free from the Google Play Store.  If you have a device that is under 10.1″ in screen size, they are able to view, create and edit files while those with an Office 365 subscription will have every feature fully enabled.

For those who keep score at home, the Office for Android new versions are builds 16.0.4201.1008.

I’ve been testing the Office for Android apps for the entire Preview period and while there were a few bugs here and there, generally speaking they were all solid on performance and stability.  The release today brings some additional features to the apps including support for Google Drive.

Excel for Android – Free – Download Now

PowerPoint for Android – Free – Download Now

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Google Drive Update Brings User Interface and Sharing Enhancements

The Google Drive for Android app has been updated with several new features and improvements, mostly aimed at making file sharing and downloading of files easier and quicker.  The update is free and available now in the Google Play Store and users will immediately notice the changes in the app.  For those keeping score at home, this new version of Google Drive is build (wait for it)  Because, easy build number convention. :-)

Google Drive for Android – Free – Download Now

American Airlines App Update with new My Account Section and General Improvements

The American Airlines app for Android has been updated with several improvements and features in the latest update.  Through the app you can now make 500 mile upgrade purchases and enjoy a completely revamped My Account section in the app.  The update, version 4.1 for those keeping score at home, continues to have the ability to get your boarding passes on your device as well as easily track your AAdvantage frequent flyer status without having to touch a browser.

American Airlines for Android – Free – Download Now

Fitbit for Android Update to Address Firmware Update Issue

The Fitbit for Android app received an update this morning that every user of the fitness tracking devices should download.  It addresses a reasonably significant bug that made firmware update very slow that lead some update to fail.  This new version, build 2.7.3 for those keeping score at home, should address that and make it much quicker and more reliable.

Fitbit for Android – Free – Download Now

The OnePlus 2 – What We Know So Far

One of the most anticipated Android phone releases of 2015 will be the OnePlus 2, the follow up to the highly successful OnePlus One from the Chinese manufacture OnePlus.  There have been a huge number of leaks, rumors and guesses as to what the OnePlus 2 will look like, it’s price, what it will have powering it and when it will actually be released. The challenge of course is separating the fiction from fact and, to their credit, OnePlus has been doing a pretty good job of confirming and denying these leaks and rumors as they have come out.

To help set things straight, I’ve put together a list of the things that we know for sure about the OnePlus 2.  These are all confirmed by OnePlus themselves.  I have purposely avoided rumor posts just to get visitors to my site and I stand firm in that.  What you won’t find in this post are supposed leaked images of the phone or other guesses.  It’s just facts.

That said, I have been clear in my opinion that the OnePlus 2 is critical to the long term success of OnePlus.  It has to be a success for the long term sustainability of the company.

How To Fix Folders Not Showing Up In Office for Android Apps

Yesterday I ran into a problem with the new Office for Android apps where I was not able to see all of my folders from OneDrive in the app.  As you may know, the Office for Android apps look to OneDrive (and other storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox) for documents.  In my OneDrive, I have 6 total folders including my Pictures folder but only 2 of them were showing up.  I tried several things to get them to appear including resetting the apps on both my OnePlus One and Galaxy Tab 4 but I still got no joy.  That’s when I turned to Google+ and asked for help from the Microsoft Office for Android team.  Today I got an answer and this little work around works perfectly.

Why Google Apps Are So Important To The Future of Android

Since the release of Lollipop about 6 months ago, Google has been on a slow and methodical march with the apps that are included in the release.  While we have always had stand alone apps like Google Maps and YouTube, increasingly even the most basic of apps found in Lollipop are being released into the Google Play Store for everyone to download, regardless if they are running Android 5.x or not.  Apps like Google Messages (for SMS), Google Calendar, Inbox, Chrome and the latest, Google Clock are no longer confined to just the latest release of Android.  Anyone can download them and get a Lollipop-like experience with these apps but also get the latest-and-greatest offerings from Google.

This migration to standalone apps is not being highly touted by Google but in my opinion it is a sign of things to come and a step in the right direction when it comes to base Android versus apps.  By making this move it also helps solidify the future of Android by potentially speeding up releases of Android core updates.  It is a win for everyone.

Google Play Music Adds Ad-Supported Free Music Streaming

You may have 99 problems, but streaming radio certainly shouldn’t be one of them.  Last week Google announced that their Google Play Music app and service will now provide you free, ad-supported streaming music to your Android phone and tablet with a premium, ad-free service costing $9.99 per month. It falls in line with other services that are already available and the upcoming Apple Music service coming to iOS in July.  The question for Google will be if anyone will be interested given there are so many options available today but the Google Play Music does have some nice features like being able to incorporate your own music you have uploaded into the service, something you aren’t able to do on some other services.  To get this new streaming feature you will need to have the latest Google Play Music app which is now up to version 6.0.1945S for those keeping score at home.

Google Play Music – Free (In-App Subscription Available) – Download Now

Instagram Shows Trending Topics In It’s Latest Update

Like other social networking apps, Instagram is now making an effort to show you trending topics and other dynamic content quickly and easily.  The new features, available only in the US, come as part of an update to the app for Android and allows you to see this new content in the completely revamped Explore tab of the app.  The new 7.0.0 version for those keeping score at home, sports an entirely new Explore tab where you will see trending tags and places.  This content is dynamically updated to give you a real-time look at what’s happening nearby. And while it is for US users of Instagram, this content is updated globally no matter where you happen to be in the world.

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