Search Google Assistant Services in The Google Home App

Search in Google Assistant

Google Assistant has grown up a lot in the past year thanks to developers and services leveraging APIs to create services for it.  While Assistant still lags behind Amazon’s Alexa when it comes to the number of services available, the gap is closing.

That presents a challenge for users who are looking for a service or feature but aren’t quite sure if it is there.  Google has addressed this and made it easy to find services for Google Assistant right from within it or the Google Home app.  Now you can simply type in a keyword to search and the Assistant will return all of the services that do that particular thing that you searched.

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Google Extends Security Support on Latest Nexus Phones

Android Oreo on Nexus 6P

Without any notification or explanation, Google has extended the security update support for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P an additional two months.  Both phones will now receive minor software patches until November 2018.

The change is reflected in an update to the Nexus Android version page on Google Support and appears to be the only changes to the schedule which the company adopted in 2016.

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Today’s Deal – AUKEY SoundTank Speaker for $33 with Coupon

AUKEY SoundTank Bluetooth Speaker

Today’s Deal is on the AUKEY SoundTank, a bluetooth speaker that is ruggedized and water resistant that provides 30 hours of playtime.  Right now you can pick one up for $33 when you use the coupon code CY228BZI when shopping at the AUKEY storefront on Amazon.  The deal is good through October 1st.

The AUKEY SoundTank has dual 5W speakers and connects to your devices using Bluetooth 4.1.  That gives you a connection range of about 33′ so it’s great for indoor or outdoor use.  It has a 2600mAh that provides up to 30 hours of playback time.  Connections can be made to the speaker via Bluetooth or the AUX input with a 3.5mm audio cable, which is included.

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T-Mobile Releases Stability Update for The Galaxy Note8

Samsung Galaxy Note8

T-Mobile has begun sending out an OTA update for the Galaxy Note8 on their network that brings a handful of improvements and fixes to the phablet.  The new version is build N950USQU1AQ15 for those keeping score at home and the over-the-air updates have already begun.  It is a small download, just 198MB.

The update brings the August Android Security Update to the Note8 along with a lot of stability improvements.  Most of the improvements are aimed at individual apps but there are also general improvements to be found in the update.

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Latest Paranoid Android Build Brings a New Camera App

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android, the AOSP-based build for a wide range of phones, has a big update rolling out that brings a lot of improvements and features. The new update is build 7.3.0 and is rolling out now.

The biggest new feature is their own camera app.  The new camera app is a simple but effective app with easy-to-understand controls (swipe left or right to go between camera and video for example) and has all the camera features you’d expect like slow motion, HDR and red eye reduction.

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Walmart Now in Google Express and Google Home

Walmart in Google Express

Last month, Google and Walmart made an announcement that shopping for the retailer would be coming to Google Express and Google Home.  That agreement has now gone live and you can find Walmart in the app as a shopping option.

Users will be able to link their Walmart online account with Google Express and shop a wide range of products from the retailer, mostly focused on groceries, and have them added to your Express shopping list.  They are then shipped to your home and if you spend over $35, the shipping is free.

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Android Messages Latest Update Breaking Notifications for Some

Android Messages

After an update rolled out to the app late last week, several users are reporting that notifications in Android Messages is no longer working.  The update in question is version 2.5.207 users are reporting that the SMS/MMS app simply stops giving notifications and there is no way to enable them again.  Indeed, the app will indicate that notifications are enabled but none are given to users.

The problem appears to be widespread.  Multiple reviews within the Google Play Store indicate that notifications have quit working across multiple devices and Android flavors.

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