How To Page for Windows 8.1 tablets and PCs

This page is a collection of tips, tricks and How To’s for Windows 8 and beyond on your PC.  Most of these are basic and easy to do while others are a bit more complicated.  What none of them are is Registry hacks! 🙂  We don’t need to be diving into the Registry peeps.  These are more focused on the consumer, not the IT expert. This page was started in September 2014 and will take a while to build up.  As always, I’m open to any tips, tricks or How To’s you may have that have made your life easier with your Windows 8.1 tablet or PC.  If you have one, use the Contact page to let me know.  If I publish it I will of course make sure you get the credit (be sure to leave your Twitter handle!) in the post.

2015 – How To for Windows

Label Groups in Windows 8.1 – February 2015

Turn off Encryption in Windows 8.1 – February 2015

Show Notifications Longer in Windows 8.1 – February 2015

Take a Screenshot on a Windows 8.1 PC – February 2015


2014 – How To for Windows

Set Your Desktop Wallpaper as Your Windows 8 Start Screen Background – September 2014

Always Save your Files to OneDrive for Windows 8 – September 2014

Set Quiet Hours on Your Windows 8 PC – September 2014

Remote Desktop to Your PC from Windows Phone – October 2014

Move your OneDrive Folder to an External Disk – November 2014

Sync your PC Settings Across all your PCs using OneDrive – December 2014

Capture a Screen Shot on your Windows Tablet – December 2014