How To Hard Reset A Samsung Focus, Focus S or Focus Flash

There are times where you just need to do a hard reset.  It doesn’t matter the device or the Operating System, it just has to happen every once in a while.  For me, that happened today as I moved from my LG Quantum to a Samsung Focus S.  After hurriedly trying to set up my new phone, I ended up having it try to do one to many things and… well, let’s just say a hard reset (or Factory Reset) was in order.

The good news is that Windows Phone, like Apple and iOS, have made this pretty easy to do from the phone itself.  If you go to Settings>About at the bottom of the screen you will see a reset button that will completely reset your phone.  But what do you do if your phone is completely locked up and you can’t get to that menu?  Ah, fortunately there is a way to get your phone back to factory reset through pressing a key combination on your phone.  It’s actually pretty easy and every Windows Phone comes with a way to get it to reset.  It can save you a trip to AT&T or T-Mobile where they, in effect, will do the same thing.

This How To is for Samsung Focus, Focus S and Focus Flash Windows Phones from AT&T (or their counterparts internationally).  The trick is the same on each of these phones.

1. Press and hold the Camera, Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time

2. When you feel the phone vibrate, release the Power button but keep the others pressed until you see the Format prompt

3. When you see the Format prompt, release the Camera and Volume Down button and press the Window Start button on your Windows Phone twice (once to select Reset and a second time to confirm that is what you really want to do)

That’s it!  Soon your phone will be back to its factor settings.

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