Foursquare launches Swarm for Windows Phone

We knew this day was coming and it has arrived for Windows Phone.  Foursquare has now launched Swarm for Windows Phone, taking the check-in process away from the original Foursquare app and moving it to a separate app.  Now if you have been reading my other blog, AlliOSNews, you know that I’m not thrilled about this prospect.  I personally don’t like Swarm.  I’m fine with where Foursquare is trying to take the Foursquare app and what they are trying to do with Swarm but why do we need two apps?

The idea behind Swarm for Windows Phone is that it becomes the place where you do your check-ins at locations, arrange for

Swarm for Windows Phone

Swarm for Windows Phone

meeting up of friends and see which of those friends are closest to you.  The idea is to have Swarm for Windows Phone be your check-in app while Foursquare will become the app that you use to find out places to go and do near you.

This transformation has already happened in iOS and at this point you cannot check in with Foursquare and have to use Swarm.  That’s not the case just yet in Windows Phone but the Foursquare app hasn’t been updated.  I’m sure that we can expect the same behaviour soon.

As I said, I get where Foursquare is trying to go and the changes they are making.  I really do.  And to be honest, the amount of information about sites, restaurants, hotels and the like in Foursquare for iOS is pretty impressive.  I’m just not a big fan of having to load yet another app on my phone to do what I was able to do in one app.  I feel the same way about Messenger from Facebook so I’m not just picking on Foursquare.

Equally, once you get use to using Swarm for Windows Phone, it’s not that bad.  It does make finding friends nearby far easier and check-ins along with stickers are quicker.

But two apps…

Embrace the horror.  If you are a big Foursquare user like me, go ahead and download Swarm for Windows Phone and get use to using it.  This is where it’s heading people.

Swarm for Windows Phone requires Windows Phone 8.1 and you need to have a Foursquare account (or you can use your Facebook account).

Swarm for Windows Phone QR

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