Background on The New Microsoft Health

On the official Microsoft blog, Vice President Todd Holmdahl has posted a lengthy piece explaining the new Microsoft Band and accompanying Microsoft Health app.  In the post, he outlines how Microsoft is leveraging data coming from the device and getting that into the Cloud to manage it and provide it to consumers through the Microsoft Health App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Mr. Holmdahl writes in the post that data from a variety of sources can be leveraged by the Microsoft Health app, giving you a more holistic view of your lifestyle and activities.

First, let’s talk about how Microsoft Health will make tracking personal fitness easier, more insightful and more holistic. Microsoft Health will unite data from different health and fitness devices and services in a single, secure location. Once stored in Microsoft Health, you can combine the data you generate from different devices and services – steps, calories, heart rate and more –  to receive powerful insights from our Intelligence Engine

While it is clear that Microsoft wants to sell the Microsoft Band tracker, it is equally clear that they are working with other developers to aggregate data into the Health app.  While not everyone is on board at this point, most notably Fitbit is missing from the list, it is going to be a growing platform for the company.

You can read the full post here

For more information on the Microsoft Band, be sure to check out the product page for it.  It will be available starting today in the US for $199.

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