Microsoft Lumia Rebranding Continues on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

The Microsoft Lumia rebranding continued this week with Microsoft continuing to rename all things Nokia and Windows Phone.  The latest changes have happened over the weekend and include the Windows Phone and Nokia channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  This has all been in a larger effort to get the Microsoft Lumia or just Lumia out in the marketplace.

On Facebook, the new Microsoft Lumia page was one of the first to be rebranded.  It can be found at  If you were subscribed to the old Windows Phone page, your Like of that page should have transitioned.  Subsequently the Windows Phone UK, Netherlands and Germany pages that were Windows Phone have also been migrated to the new Microsoft Lumia names.

On Twitter, @WindowsPhone is now simply @Lumia.  Like Facebook, the transition of the name should be seamless if you were following the old handle.  The bigger trick will be remembering to use the new @Lumia if you want to direct a question or tag them in a Tweet.  Likewise, @WindowsPhoneHelp is now @LumiaHelp for those technical question.

Then there is the new Microsoft Lumia YouTube channel.  The Windows Phone channel on YouTube is still up and going but it is

Windows Phone YouTube Page Banner

Windows Phone YouTube Page Banner

unclear if the videos and other content there will be migrated to the new Microsoft Lumia channel.  The later right now is effectively empty.  It may be worth subscribing to both for now but it is clear that Microsoft will be updating only the Microsoft Lumia channel going forward as they have a banner at the top of the old channel to let you know they have moved.

Finally there is the Nokia Conversations blog.  It has been renamed the Lumia Conversations blog over the weekend

The changes in name shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone given the efforts Microsoft has gone through the past few months to rebrand all of the Nokia apps in the Windows Phone store and the changing of the Windows Phone name to simply Lumia.  Indeed it is expected this week that the first properly branded Microsoft Lumia phone will be released.  It also appears clear that Microsoft is not going to go through a rebranding of existing Windows Phone devices.  In other words, the Lumia 1320 is still going to be the Nokia Lumia 1320.

As for the dropping of Windows Phone, that is part of the larger Windows 10 effort outlining it is one Windows for all devices.  The company wants to get away from Window Phone, Windows RT, etc. and only have Windows.  Indeed you can now expect to start seeing any reference to the Microsoft Lumia Operating System as being Windows phone and not Windows Phone (capital P in phone) to show that it is Windows that just happens to run on a phone.

Clear as mud?  I thought so.

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