Microsoft Updates Extras Info Windows Phone app

Microsoft has just released a new update to the Extras Info for Windows Phone app.  The new update, version 3.14.16 for those keeping score at home, brings… well, actually I have absolutely no clue what this release brings because there are absolutely no release notes.  🙂  So what was changed, what was fixed or what was added is a mystery to everyone in the world other than those at Microsoft.  There is of course the generic “general fixes and improvements” noted so my guess is that this is a bug fix for the app on certain devices.

It could also be that this is an interim release of the Extras Info app before the release of the Windows 10 for Phone preview which is expected in February.

Extras+Info for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Microsoft has in the past released and required that certain apps be updated prior to a new version of firmware being installed on a device.  There were many like this for Lumia Denim and Lumia Cyan before it.  This could be the case on this update.  It gives Microsoft a level of assurance that everyone will be on the same version prior to doing the Windows 10 install.

Do I know this for fact?  No nor do I post it here as fact.  Just an observation based on previous events as a possible answer.

You can get the Extras+Info for Windows Phone app update via the Store app on your device or the link below.

Extras+Info for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

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