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Google Play Music Update Brings Search History Feature

The Google Play Music app for Android has an update rolling out that brings new features to everyone.  The bulk of the version 7.9 build is aimed at the future, namely Android O so a lot of the attention and focus of this release is to be found once O rolls out to everyone.  That includes things like Notification Channels, a new feature that will be coming in Android v8.

For today however, there is a new Search History feature that you can access on devices today that will give you access to your music search history.  This history includes any music, album or artist searches you have done either from the Play Music app or site.

Google WiFi Update Finally Brings IPv6 Support

Google has released an update to Google WiFi that, along with the latest firmware for your WiFi or OnHub devices, will allow you to enable IPv6 to your ISP.  For those who are not familiar with IPv6, it is a more advanced version of IPv4 (which you are likely using now) that uses 128-bit addressing of devices.  The theory is you can get more devices on the Internet because there is significantly more IP addresses available with v6.  The lack of IPv6 has been a contention point for many who use Google WiFi or OnHub as it is more secure and is somewhat of a checkbox requirement for a contemporary network device.

The update to bring IPv6 is a combination of firmware for the physical device itself, which is build 9460.40, and the updated app which is in the Play Store.

OneDrive Update Brings Offline Folder Support

The OneDrive app for Android has a new update rolling out in the Play Store.  The update, version 4.13 for those keeping score at home, brings a new offline folder feature and an improved Discover view for corporate and education Office 365 subscribers.  The new offline folder feature, however, is only for individual users.

In the last update to the app, users were able to select individual files that they wanted to keep offline.  The idea was to give users the ability to work on a file while they did not have Internet access then, when a connection was restored, the updated file would be uploaded to the cloud storage service automatically.  This is the exact same way it works in this update, only you can select an entire folder and all of its contents to be available offline.

Microsoft Teams Update Brings Tab View & Message Editing

Microsoft has released another big update to their collaboration app, Microsoft Teams.  The app has brought some much needed improvements to both the Android and the iOS versions of the app, bringing it more inline with the desktop version.  In this update, version 1416/ for those keeping score at home, finally brings tabs visibility to the mobile app.  This includes being able to see the Planner and OneNote.

The other big feature is the ability to edit messages that you have already sent.  This feature includes messages with images.

MyFitnessPal Adds Item Nutrition Information to Diary Entries

The calorie and diet tracking app MyFitnessPal has an update rolling out to Android users that will more granular nutrition information to your diary entries.  When you add an item to your diary, be it from a manual entry or a barcode scan, the app will now give you information such as calories, carbs, fat and protein in that item.  It will also give you the percentages of your daily goals in these areas with everyone getting calorie percentages while Premium subscribers get carbs fat and protein percentages.

The information is aimed at helping you make informed and wise food and drink decisions to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Outlook for Android Update Brings Group Access to Office 365 Subscribers

Microsoft has released an update to Outlook for Android that Office 365 users who use Groups will find helpful.  You can now access groups from within the client, allowing you to see and send messages to teams within your organization.  To this point, Groups has been something that has only been available through the Outlook client on PC and Mac.  For those that may not know what Groups is exactly, think of it as a dramatically improved distribution list.  Now you can send emails to the group and everyone will get those emails (like a distribution list) but it also allows for much easier document sharing and collaboration over sending endless versions out to people.  Files can be shared from OneDrive which makes version tracking much easier and it eliminates the risk of multiple version of a file running around within your organization.

Groups was introduced for Windows users last year and to Mac users in the Outlook client back in March.  With it now available for Android, it will make it easier for those who use the feature to keep up with things (and keep others informed) while on-the-go.

Chrome for Android Improves Offline Functionality

Chrome for Android has a new update rolling out that brings a lot of improvements to the offline functionality of the browser.  The ability to view downloaded content offline in Chrome isn’t something new but this update goes a long way in making it easier to download that content and to get back to it later.  First, there is a new Download Link feature.  When you are viewing a page and run across a link, long press it and in the dialog box you will see an option to download the link.  This will download the content of the link which you can view while you are offline.

Next is a new download page later feature.  If you using Chrome and go offline, you will see the 8-bit dinosaur.  You will now also see a Download Page Later link.  Tap it and when you get back online, Chrome will automatically download the page for you so you can read it.

Google Wallpapers App Update Brings New Wallpapers

The Google Wallpapers app for Android has been updated with several new wallpapers in most of the existing categories within the app.  The update, version 1.1.153125266 for those keeping score at home, adds wallpaper options in the Earth, Landscapes, Life, Textures, and Cityscapes sections of the app, giving you the option for more personalization of your devices.

Wallpapers is an app that is native to the Pixel lineup but shortly after the release of the phones, Google released the app (officially – it has been available as a side-load APK for months prior) for Android devices running 4.1 or higher.  It allows users to select a wallpaper for their Home page as well as the lock screen on their devices, both of which can be different wallpapers.

OneNote for Android Update Brings Improved Sharing of Notes

Microsoft has released an update to their popular note taking app OneNote for Android.  The updated build is version 16.0.8067.1772 for those keeping score at home and the biggest new feature is the ability to share a page from the share panel built into Android Marshmallow or later.  This will make it far easier and fast to share thoughts and ideas with others.

The editing tools have also improved in this update.  The ability to cut, copy and past are there now along with other performance improvements to editing tools.  Couple this with the formatting tools being immediately available in the command bar, this overall makes the app easier to use, especially on a phone.

Google TalkBack Update Brings Significant Improvements to The Accessibility App

Google TalkBack for Android has a new update rolling out that brings some new services and features to the accessibility app.  For those who may not know what TalkBack is, it is designed for the blind or visually impaired to be able to use their Android device as the content on the screen is read back to them.  This new update brings a new Speech Verbosity feature that allows users to choose just how much feedback is spoken to them.  Before this update, TalkBack read everything on the screen.  Now you can be a bit more selective with it which should speed things up a bit.

Another improvement is the ability to hear feedback when screen magnification is turned on as well as hearing character count in password fields.  This feature requires that you have at least Chrome 56 on your device to work.

Gboard for Android Update Brings 22 New Indic Languages

A new update to Google’s Gboard is rolling out in the Play Store that brings a big jump in support of Indic languages.  With this update, 22 new languages are supported and through the use of Machine Learning and working with natural speakers of the languages throughout India, transliteration and keyboard layouts are included for all of the languages.  The update now brings the total number of languages supported up to 185.

The new languages supported include: Assamese, Bengali, Bodo (Devanagari, Bengali), Dogri (Devanagari, Arabic), Gujarati, Hindi (Devanagari, Hinglish), Kannada, Kashmiri (Devanagari, Arabic), Konkani (Devanagari, Latin), Maithili (Devanagari), Malayalam, Manipuri (Bengali), Marathi (Devanagari), Nepali (Devanagari), Odia, Punjabi (Gurmukhi, Arabic), Sanskrit (Devanagari), Santali (Ol chiki, Latin), Sindhi (Devanagari, Arabic), Tamil, Telugu, Urdu (Arabic).

For those who have one of these as their mother language, this update will make it much easier to communicate with others, especially with the transliteration feature.

Super Mario Run Update Adds Google Play Achievements

The first significant update to the popular Super Mario Run game is now rolling out to Android players.  The update ups the version to 2.1 and brings several improvements and additions to the game.  For those who haven’t kept up, in the game, you are the ever popular Mario and you are doing what you do best:  Collecting coins and progressing your way through six worlds in the game.  The way gameplay works is that you can only move forward, up or down so no going back to get coins you missed for example.  The object of the game is to collect as many coins as you can before get to the flagpole at the end of the level before time runs out.  Sound familiar? Oh, and yes you still can save Princess Peach and defeat Bowser too.  There are two other game play modes as well to keep you entertained.

With this update, the number of toads (which you collect through Toad Rally playing in the game) has now increased to 99,999.  This should make it limitless for casual players.  You can now also use your customized Mii character as your player icon that you have created in Miitomo.  Finding friends also got easier with this update as you can now find them with your associated Nintendo account in the game.