Google Owned Softcard to End Windows Phone Support

This should come as a surprise to no one but Google has decided that their recently purchased Softcard NFC purchasing solution will shortly terminate their support for Windows Phone.  The purchase was made just this week and one of the first questions that came up was if Windows Phone support would continue.  Given that Google and Microsoft are not exactly bestest buddies, it seemed like a long shot that support would continue.

Now we know.  According to the Softcard FAQs:

What about Softcard for Windows?

The Softcard for Windows Phone app will also be terminated. A specific termination date will be provided soon.

Without Softcard, What Are Windows Phone Users to Do for NFC Payments

So what is a Windows Phone user to do for NFC payments?  Right now, you don’t have a lot of options.  Actually, you have one option which is use your credit cards.  Microsoft is working on an NFC solution for Windows Phone but the question will always come down to the banks and credit card companies supporting that new platform.  Given the already crowded contactless payment market, that seems like a long shot as well.

NFC payments are here to stay with Apple Pay and Android Pay both making great strides. If Microsoft wants Windows Phone to be successful, they need to adapt the same technology in their devices.


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