Windows 10 for Phone Preview Will Support 512MB Devices

For those of you who are wanting to try the first Windows 10 for Phone preview this month and have a 512MB RAM device such as the Lumia 635, you may be in luck.  According to a tweet from Microsoft’ Gabriel Aul, there will be some 512MB devices that will be supported with the first preview.  Which ones however remains a mystery and we likely won’t know that until the preview actually drops later this month.

In a Tweet yesterday, Mr. Aul was asked if 512MB devices would be supported in the first preview for Windows 10 for Phone.  His response:

You can tell by his response that he has been getting a lot of questions but he has been really good about providing some insights into the release.

Now the question remains as to which 512MB devices will be supported in the first preview for Windows 10 for Phone.  It seems likely that the mid to late 2014 Lumia’s would be supported such as the Lumia 635.  I would be surprised if we see support for the X20 series of devices in the first preview such as the Lumia 520.  Ultimately though we won’t know until the release.

The news is exciting and clearly shows Microsoft is committed to getting Windows 10 for Phone on as many devices as possible when it is released later this year.

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