Bank of America Officially Kills Windows and Windows Phone Apps

Last month Bank of America announced that they would be ending support for their Windows and Windows Phone apps in March.  It seems that today was the day for the switch to be flipped.  As of this morning users of the apps are receiving an error message stating that it is no longer supported.  Users are advised to go to the BofA website for their banking needs.  It’s a sad day and as a BofA customer it is frustrating.

The decision to drop their app is a bit of a head scratcher given that Bank of America was one of the first banking apps on Windows Phone.  They launched their app back in the Windows Phone 7 days and given we are just a few months away from Windows 10 doesn’t make a lot of sense.  I get it that Windows Phone users are a small percentage but a percentage nevertheless.

Now for the really fun stuff.  On the Windows Phone Bank of America app you are told the app is no longer supported… then remain stuck on the loading page.  Like, it won’t go anywhere.  Oh but wait, there is more.  So if you go to the Bank of America website on your Windows Phone, guess what?  It doesn’t work!  I and apparently many other users are unable to get past the mobile login screen and after a few attempts your account gets locked.

Awesome experience.

Apparently it’s time to go bank shopping.  By-The-Way, Wells Fargo has a Windows and Windows Phone app and Chase, who pulled the plug on their app too, has said it will work, just not supported.  That is better than this death, death, death move from BofA.

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