Lumia 640XL Now Coming Soon on AT&T Website

AT&T has updated their smartphone section of their website to show that the all new Lumia 640XL is “coming soon” to the carrier.  While there is no date associated with the update on their page, it is generally believed that the Lumia 640XL and the Lumia 640 will both be available around mid-April with pre-orders possibly happening as soon as this week.  You might remember that AT&T will have the exclusive on the Lumia 640XL in the United States – at least for now – with T-Mobile and MetroPCS picking up the Lumia 640 along with AT&T.

Along with their no date being associated with the Lumia 640XL, it is generally expected to be between $249-299 but again, that’s not confirmed by AT&T.

If by chance you missed it, the Lumia 640XL was launched last week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  The 5.7″ Phablet is a mid-range phone with pretty decent specs, especially when

Lumia 640XL on AT&T Website

Lumia 640XL on AT&T Website

compared to the Lumia 1320 which it is replacing in the lineup.  The Lumia 640XL will be powered by the Snapdragon 400 Quad-Core processor running at 1.2GHz and will sport 1GB of RAM.  It will have 8GB of internal storage with expansion up to an additional 128GB with a MicroSD card.  It has a 5.7″ IPS display running at 1280×720 with Glance screen and sunlight readability enhancements for when you are outside.  The rear camera is probably the single biggest improvement over the Lumia 1320.  The 1320 has a 5MP camera while the 640XL will have a 13MP camera.  That rear camera can also shoot 1080p video and has a flash.  The front facing camera is a 5MP wide angle fixed focus.  It will also have SensorCore which is something the Lumia 1320 does not have either.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the AT&T site this week and will post an update once pre-ordering starts.


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