Microsoft Lumia 640 and Lumia 640XL Launch Videos

As part of the launch announcements for the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640XL, Microsoft has released two new launch videos covering both devices.  Both of the videos can be found after the break and both are quite dramatic, outlining the look and feel of the devices as well as the wide range of apps that come built into the device.

Here is the launch video for the Lumia 640

Here is the launch video for the Lumia 640XL

Lumia 640 Doesn’t Meet The Flagship Need

As I have posted before, Microsoft desperately needs a flagship phone and the release of these two 640s does not quiet that need.  In fact a large part of the problem right now has been that Microsoft continues to churn out a huge number of low-end entry devices and while the 640XL could be argued as being a mid-range, it still doesn’t meet the power user where they want to be met.  Despite the huge screen of the XL, it is no where near comparable to a Lumia 1520 for example.  If Microsoft is truly going to make Windows Phone thrive – or survive – they have to have a high end, well appointed and powerful flagship phone to meet that part of the market.

All that said, I will likely be picking up a 640 in the coming days just so I have one to tinker with and frankly, it makes a pretty darn good music player.


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