Windows 10 for Phone Second Technical Preview Now Available

As expected and promised, the second Technical Preview of Windows 10 is now available to Windows Insiders.  The update released around 10:00 AM PST this morning and for those who are a part of the Insiders program and have the Windows Insider app on their Lumia phones, you should check for updates on your phone to get it.  The build is 10051 for those keeping score at home.

As I noted in my post earlier this morning, this preview is still very much in beta and will have bugs and other issues.  But it is an update that many of us have been waiting for since February.  You can read the full blog post on the update here.

Unlike the first preview, this one is open to virtually every Lumia phone today which means a lot of you who couldn’t get it last time will have it available to them today.  The only notable exception is the Lumia 930 which apparently has a show stopping bug that prevents it from being available.  I tried to confirm this with Gabe Aul this morning but I’ve not heard back yet.  I will update this post as I hear. Also, one late change is that the Windows 10 for Phone preview for the Lumia 1020 will only be on the US variant of the device.

If you are a Windows Insider, go to the the Windows Insider app installed on your phone and check for preview builds there.  There are a lot of you trying to get the update right now so you may experience time outs before you are able to download it but be patient.  🙂

Are you downloading the Windows 10 for Phone Preview?  If so, which Lumia do you have and how did the update go?  I’m installing it on my Lumia 1320 which I have with me and will be updating my Lumia 635 over the weekend.

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