BLU Announces Lollipop Coming To A Wide Range of Devices

BLU over the weekend announced that Android Lollipop will be coming to a wide range of their devices over the course of this summer.  In a post on Google+, the Florida based company posted that they will have the latest version for their devices in the May and July time frame depending on the device.  The news is good for those who have the devices, especially those on the mid to lower end where Lollipop upgrades from many OEMs are coming few and far between if ever.

In May, BLU expects to release Lollipop for the following devices:

  • Studio G
  • Star 4.5
  • Studio 6.0 HD

    The Blu VIVO IV

    The Blu VIVO IV

In July the company will release the update for these devices:

  • Life One (2015)
  • Life One XL
  • VIVO Air
  • Life 8 XL
  • Studio Energy

There is no indication of which version of Lollipop will come to the devices but it is probably safe to assume that they will see 5.1.

BLU, like many other manufactures, has been under increasing pressure to get Lollipop out on their devices, especially those released in the last six months to a year.  While no firm dates in May or July were offered, it is good to see the company go public with their intentions.

Unfortunately not every device will see Lollipop.  My BLU VIVO IV which is less than a year old does not appear to on the Lollipop upgrade path which, given it was replaced by the VIVO Air, isn’t a big surprise.

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