Google Fit Update Brings Improved Android Wear Support

Google has updated their activity tracking app Google Fit with improved Android Wear support along with many bug fixes.  The update, version 1.51.07-000 for those keeping score at home, works on a wide range of Android devices and while Android Wear devices are supported, are not required.

If you aren’t familiar with Google Fit, it is an app that uses the sensors in your Android phone to track your physical activity such as running and walking.

Google Fit – Free – Download Now

The update’s banner improvement is the improved Android Wear support.  If you have such a device, the information from Google Fit can be displayed on the watch so you do not have to pull your phone out of your pocket to check your progress.  In addition, there are now over 100 activities you can manually track in the app – from skiing to water polo – so tracking all of your physical

Google Fit

Google Fit

activity as part of a healthy lifestyle is certainly doable.

Lastly there are the normal routine of bug fixes and other improvements.  In my testing of the app last night, it seems to be far more accurate than the previous build on my walking and running and overall lag in the app appears to have been addressed as well.  While Google Fit isn’t necessarily a replacement for the likes of a Fitbit or UP!, it can be a great way to track your physical activities without any other investments outside of your Android Phone.  It is similar to the SensorCore and Health & Fitness features found on Windows Phone.

Note that not all Android phones have the proper sensors to use the app but the Play Store will stop you from downloading it if it isn’t compatible.



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