Google Nexus 9 Gets Update for Android 5.0.2

For owners of the Google Nexus 9 Android tablet, today is a good day.  The over-the-air update to Android Lollipop 5.0.2 is now rolling out and you should check your device to see if you have it available.  Navigate to Software Update under About Device and you can check for the update there (or if it is already downloaded to your device, you’ll be prompted to apply the update.

Now for those of you scratching your head and thinking, “But didn’t Google release Android 5.1.1 for other devices, including the older Nexus 7 tablet?”  Why yes, yes they did.

While I fully admit I’m new to the Android community, it is quite clear that the frustration with the lack of update to the Nexus 9 are real.  Windows Phone readers, it’s the Android version of Lumia Denim. 🙂  It’s a bit messy, nothing is very clear on why the updates are taking so long and why of all things it is a version behind the updates provided to other Google devices.  It’s certainly

Nexus 9

Nexus 9

not made many happy but likewise, it’s a start.  At least you are on Lollipop so you have that going for you and other updates will be coming.  I’m seriously doubting my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 will see Lollipop.


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