Google Apps Starting To Update With New Logo

As everyone has seen by now, Google announced today a new logo and “G” icon for their branding as part of their effort to reflect the different ways the Google services are used.  One key question around the announcement was when we would start seeing that new look on Google Apps for Android.  Apparently, in a matter of hours.

Google Maps is the first Google app for Android that has received the new look and it is part of the new 9.14 build that I wrote about earlier.

Functionally there is no difference in this build of 9.14 than what I posted on earlier in the morning but you get a spanking new icon for the app with the new Sans Serif G.

New Google Maps Icon

New Google Maps Icon

I would expect that the bulk of the Google apps will see new icons in the next 24-48 hours as they update the apps and roll it out.  Depending on your location it could well take a few hours or even a few days before you see the update hit your Android phone and/or tablet.

It is also possible that Google will roll up various updates to the respective apps once they roll out the new icon.

Keep your eyes out for updates and updated icons.  Are you seeing any other than Google Maps?

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