Google Fit Website Gets A Material Makeover

Google has quietly rolled out a major update to the Google Fit website, the site that accompanies the health and fitness app for Android phones and tablets.  Since the launch of Google Fit a couple of years ago, the site has been a somewhat bland white and grey look with whatever highlight color you selected for your information.  The information was there but frankly the site wasn’t very organized.  That has all changed.  The Google Fit site now has a beautiful Material design look with far more information at your fingertips.  In fact, it makes the Google Fit app (which I’m a big fan of and use daily) look a bit antiquated.

The new site is at the same address, but gone is the barren looking site and it is replaced with a beautifully colorful and well laid out Material site.  You have quick access to the activities you are tracking as well as trend charts and your recent activities all on one page.  You also have a calendar view that gives you a view of the month with a flag highlighting the day that you hit your activity goal.

New Google Fit

New Google Fit

One thing to note is that this update is on the website only – at least for now.  The Google Fit app still looks the same as it did but with the site being updated, can an app update be far away?  Looking at APK Mirror, there has not been a new Google Fit build released by Google yet but it could still happen today or over the weekend.

If you haven’t had a chance to read my review of Google Fit, you can do so here.  Personally I find myself using it more and more over Fitbit as it syncs nicely with my Moto 360 and my Nexus 6 so I’m always counting steps.


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