Google Street View App Launched for Android and iOS

Google has released the all new Google Street View app today for both Android and iOS.  Previously, Street View was embedded into Google Maps and when you tapped on a location, you could then enter into Street View.  This new Google Street View app is a standalone app that allows you to explore 360-degree views of places all over the world plus gives you the ability to add your own 360-degree photospheres right from within the app.  Think of it as making your own personal street view and if you happen to have a spherical camera, support for it is there as well.

Google Street View – Free – Download Now

Google Street View functions much like it did when it was embedded into Google Maps.  You start the app with a view of the globe with points of interest highlighted as red dots.  You can then zoom in and see street views from Google but also will see any photospheres that other Google users have made public.  Say you want to see the inside of a building?  If someone has done a

Google Street View for Android

Google Street View for Android

photosphere of it then you can see it.

Find a great hiking trail, check out restaurant and hotel interiors, and snap and share your own photo spheres (360-degree panoramas) to Google Maps for others to explore and enjoy. All in one place.

How good is it?  Well, if you are a Dr. Who fan then you can navigate to see the inside of the TARDIS.  #Whovian

The Google Street View app also lets you see curated collections of famous places throughout the world and even the not-so famous and it is a great way to see places you’ve never been.

A couple of things to consider on the app.  First, you have to be running Android Lollipop if you are on Android.  Second, if you are on iOS, this app replaces the Photosphere app which will be deprecated at some point.

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