1st Gen Chromecast Update Brings Spotify Streaming

If you are using a 1st generation Chromecast and are a Spotify customer, good news is coming your way today.  The latest firmware update to the 1st Gen Chromecast brings support for the music streaming service casting, something that the 2015 Chromecast users have enjoyed for a couple of weeks now.  Google made it clear that the update would be coming and it appears that it is finally here.  The update is rolling out to now so you can check your Chromecast app and see if it is available to you.  If so, reboot your Chromecast and the new firmware will be applied.

Once you have the updated firmware and assuming you have the latest Spotify app that brings the ability to cast, you can start right away just like you would with any app that supports

Spotify for Android

Spotify for Android

Chromecast.  So far in testing out the update this morning, results have been what you would expect with easy configuration and casting of music with no issues of note.

Lack of Spotify Support Was A Sore Subject for 1st Gen Chromecast Owners

The ability to Cast from Spotify has been somewhat of a sore subject for 1st generation Chromecast users.  Since the update to the app last week, users of the new 2015 Chromecast have been able to cast Spotify as the ability was already in the firmware for that model.  Google stated that it would require a firmware update on the 1st gen devices during the Google event last month but it has taken a bit longer than most had hoped.

The bottom line is the update is here now and as soon as your Chromecast is updated, you can start Casting your Spotify music with no problem.

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