Gmail Rolling Out Improved Delete Mail Search

Google has posted on the Google Apps blog about an update coming to Gmail that will help you find that email you may have accidentally deleted.  While searching for a delete mail is already in Gmail for Android, this latest update will now not only search your Trash folder but will also search your Spam folder too.  The update is expected to rollout as an update to the Gmail app over the course of the next few weeks.

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In the improved search function of Gmail, when you search for an email by subject, you will now see a banner at the

Gmail for Android

Gmail for Android

bottom of the screen that indicates that a match was found in your Trash or Spam folders.  You will then be able to tap a link in that banner to bring up the list of messages.

In addition, if your search is too generic, you will see a second banner that suggest refining your search with the senders name, date of the email or size of the email (particularly helpful if you are searching for an email that has an attachment).

The post from Google indicates that the backend processes for this new search functionality will be rolling out over the next few weeks and will be fully implemented for everyone within a few days once it is released.  The update appears to require an update to the Gmail app but that isn’t 100% clear in the post itself.

Regardless, once it is rolled out, finding that email you deleted or was filtered into your Spam folder will be a bit easier to find on your devices.

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