Google Waves Goodbye To The Nexus 6

All good things must come to an end and it appears that day has come for the Nexus 6.  Google has quietly pulled the 2014 hero device from the Google Play Store, ending the 14 month reign of the Motorola built device.  Unveiled on October 15, 2014, the Nexus 6 sported a massive 5.96″ super high resolution (2560×1440) display, 3GB of RAM, a 13MP rear camera and powered by the Snapdragon 805 processor.  The device was met with glowing reviews overall with the two biggest sticking points being the price (started at $649 for the 32GB model) and the shear size of the device.  Google, it seems, listened to customers and critics as the Nexus 6P, the 2015 hero device, is considerably smaller and lighter weight while still sporting a 5.7″ display.

While Google has stopped selling the device, owners of the Nexus 6 still have a very viable phone in their hands.  Google released the device with Android Lollipop and has already rolled the update out to Marshmallow for it.  With the company’s commitment to a 2-year update cycle, that means that it should see Android N when it is released presumably in late 2016.

Nexus 6 Still Widely Available Online

Just because Google has quit selling the device it doesn’t mean you can’t still get your hands on one.  Multiple online retailers including Amazon, B&H and eBay still have plenty of these available for purchase and the price point has

Google Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6

dropped to a more palatable sub-$400 range in most cases.  For example, Amazon has the 32GB version in Midnight Blue for $349.99.

For me personally, the Nexus 6 has been my daily driver for most of 2015 and I love the device.  The performance of it is terrific and while it certainly is big, you have outstanding battery life with it so I find it quite easy to go all day on it.  Now that it is running Marshmallow, it takes full advantage of Doze which makes that battery performance even better.

So everyone raise a glass to the Nexus 6 as it rides into the digital sunset.

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