Moto X Pure Edition Marshmallow Update Released

The updates to devices with Android Marshmallow continues and the Moto X Pure Edition from 2014 is the latest to get it.  The news is certainly welcome for those waiting for it but keep in mind that this is for the unlocked variant of the phone only.  If you have one that is locked to a carrier, your wait will be a bit longer.  The update is a hefty 800+MB so be prepared for a rather lengthy upgrade from Lollipop.  As always,  I recommend that you have a backup of any important files or photos prior to you starting the update.  The update will come to owners as an OTA update and you should start seeing it anytime from today but it could take several days or even weeks for everyone to get it.  Manufactures, like Google themselves, tend to stagger these updates to their devices.

The good news is once you do get the update, you will have all the benefits of Marshmallow at your fingertips.

Android Marshmallow brings a significant number of improvements to Android including what I think is the killer feature, Doze.  I covered the highlights of the release in my review but there are literally dozens of improvements and changes to Android in this release.

Moto X Pure Edition 2014

Moto X Pure Edition 2014

Motorola is one of the OEMs that has committed to getting the release out and so far they are sticking with their plan.  While HTC clearly has the lead when it comes to rolling updates out within days of Google, Motorola isn’t too far behind which is only going to benefit their customers.

If you are not seeing the update hit your device yet, you can always manually check by going to Settings>About Phone>System Update.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you will get it faster, but you can at least give it a go.

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