Download Those Great Chromecast Backgrounds

If you have a Chromecast, you know that there are some great photos that the device scrolls through while sitting idle. Sure you can point it to your own photos but some of the default ones are just spectacular. Now you can download them to your PC or Mac to enjoy thanks to Alex Meub.

Alex has put together a blog post that has all of the Chromecast photos available for your to download to your computer to use as a wallpaper. While the blog post hasn’t been updated in over a year, the vast majority of the wallpapers are there – and there are hundreds to download on the site.  All of the photos are credited to the photographer who took them but you can download them

for free to use.

To get the wallpapers, go to Alex’s Chromecast page.  There you will see the gallery of the photos, each of which you can download in various sizes to fit your need.  Clearly he put a good amount of time and effort into collecting all of these wallpapers which is certainly appreciated by those who like them.

Chromecast Wallpapers

Chromecast Wallpapers

As I said, based on the dates, it doesn’t look like the page has been updated for a while and I have noticed that some of the wallpapers from the new device are not there.  Hopefully he’ll update it soon but regardless, you have plenty to keep you busy for a while with what Alex has posted.

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