Improved File Export Formats Comes to Google Sheets and Google Slides

On the Google Apps blog, the company has announced that a wider range of file export formats are coming to both Google Sheets and Google Slides in an update to both Android apps released today.  The apps already allow exporting to popular formats such as Excel, PowerPoint and PDF but these new updates bring new formats that could be helpful if you are needing to send files to colleagues who don’t use the Google apps.

Today in Google Sheets you can export to Excel, PDF, CSV and TSV while this update will also bring the ability to export to a .zip HTML file while in Slides, the additions are a bit more robust.  Today you can export to PowerPoint, PDF and plain text (TXT).  In this new update, you can now export files to JPEG, PNG and SVG as well.  To access the export feature in either app, go to the menu, tap on Share & export then tap Save As.  There you will get a dialog box where you can select the format you want to export your file too and it will be saved to your Google Drive in that format.  From there you can go into the Google Drive app and send the file to your recipients.

Google Slides on Android

Google Slides on Android

There are no new export formats for Docs mentioned in the post, only Sheets and Slides.

You know how these things go folks.  It could be a day or two before you see these updates hit your devices as Google has just now released them to the Store.

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