Microsoft Releases The Official Xbox App for Android

Microsoft has officially – and finally – released an official Xbox app for Android.  The new app, which is more-or-less a replacement for the current Smartglass app (which you can still use), brings you an all new Home experience with an activity feed, see trending content, find friends and other Xbox centric activities all from your phone or tablet.  For those of us who have the console, this new app is very much a welcome addition and shows, again, Microsoft’s commitment to their “mobile first” strategy by offering apps on both Android and iOS in addition to their own beleaguered Windows Phone platform.  Up until this point, you could only get the app for Windows Phone.

Here is a rundown of the new features in the app from the release notes:

• Updated home – The Activity Feed is the home of the Xbox app

Xbox for Android

Xbox for Android

• Added Trending content – Find out what’s popular on Xbox Live
• Facebook friend finder – Add your Facebook friends who are also on Xbox
• Contact list friend finder – Use your phones contact list to add friends to Xbox Live
• Real name sharing – Be able to share your real name with your friends
• Game hubs – Game Hubs now added to Xbox app
• Updated profiles – Redesigned user profiles in Xbox app
The new app is in the Google Play Store now and it is designed for both phones and tablets.  Once you download it, you will need to sign into your Microsoft account in order to see all of your activities and other information.  For users of the consoles, you probably know this, but some of the features will only provide you content if you have a One, not the 360.  Overall though you can still see and do a lot of things with this new app regardless of which generation console you happen to have at home.
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