BBC iPlayer Makes its Way To The United States

The BBC has finally, finally released the BBC iPlayer in America.  The iPlayer app is one of the best apps from the BBC and it gives users the ability to listen to radio and other content from the UK broadcaster on their Android phone.  Having lived in the UK for many years, the iPlayer app was my go-to app on many a train trip across the country to keep me up-to-date and for other content.  Now that it is here in the United States, you have the option now to listen to the BBC great news coverage and content for free.

The app is beautifully designed with a rotating wheel to navigate to the different content that is available within the app.  You can listen to radio live and check schedules to seen when things will be

BBC iPlayer for Android

BBC iPlayer for Android

broadcasting.  Here is a rundown of all of the major features of this new app:

  • Listen live to BBC Radio stations from the World Service and across the UK
  • Catch up or listen again to your favourite BBC Radio programmes
  • Download podcasts to enjoy anywhere, even when offline
  • Browse and listen to carefully curated BBC Radio highlights and collections
  • View daily schedules and categories quickly and easily
  • Discover audio and video clips, including many live performances
  • See what tracks are playing on air as well as track lists for on demand programmes
  • Wake up to and doze off to BBC Radio with a built-in alarm clock and night mode

The nice thing is that whether you are in the UK or the US, the app is free.  Download it now in the Play Store.

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