AT&T Updates The Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge – To Marshmallow

As a general rule, I try not to pick on any one particular carrier or device because whichever they happen to be, meets the need for some of the Android faithful.  But seriously AT&T, you need to get your act together.  Yesterday the carrier began rolling out the Android Marshmallow update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Note Edge on their network.  That is nearly three months after the last carrier in the US (T-Mobile) updated the device on their network, six months after the first updates were done by Sprint and yes, a year after Marshmallow was released by Google.  AT&T is notoriously slow at getting updates out to their devices (which isn’t helped in this case as Samsung is slow as well) and this may well be one of the best cases.

Okay, enough complaining.  It’s here and that’s the good news.

For the Galaxy Note 4, you are looking for build N910AUCU2EPH5  while for the Note Edge, you will want to find N915AUCU2DPH5.  Both updates come in at about 1.3GB for the download

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4

so you can expect the download to take 15-20 minutes depending on your Wi-Fi speed, then another 30 minutes or so to install and reboot.

What comes in this update is Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 with the August Security Update along with AT&T services such as Wi-Fi calling, Video Calling and Advanced Messaging.

As you can probably expect, this will be the last major Android update on the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge regardless of carrier.

If you have one of these devices and get the upgrade from AT&T, drop a comment and let me know how it went for you.

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