Evernote Announces Google Cloud Platform Migration

Evernote has announced that they have selected the Google Cloud Platform as their choice for data storage and usage, replacing their own server farms and data centers.  The news is another big win for Google’s cloud services which has gained a number of high profile customers over the course of the past 18 months.  Adding Evernote to that mix will not only add another marque for them but will bring additional support and reliability for Evernote customers.

Until now, Evernote has owned, configured, and maintained its own servers and networks. This approach gave us the ability to build the service we wanted the way we wanted to build it. But it is also limiting—expensive to maintain, slow to upgrade, and difficult to scale. And while the infrastructure we have now is perfectly suited to support Evernote as it runs today, it lacks the speed and flexibility we need for tomorrow.

Essentially the move is about future proofing the company’s services yet continuing to support the existing 200 million users of the service today.

The better news for customers is that they will really not feel any change on the usability end of the service.  The company is currently working with Google to determine a proper migration strategy

Evernote for Android

Evernote for Android

which is anticipated to start next month and be completed by the end of the year.  The move will give Evernote agility when it comes to network changes and data needs going forward, something that they say will go from days to complete to seconds. It will also likely save the company millions in hardware and software needs going forward.  With them not having to maintain their own servers and equipment, it will certainly improve their operation costs.

While they are in the migration, both companies are committed to keeping your notes and clippings in the service safe and secure.

Evernote remains committed to the same Three Laws of Data Protection that have always guided us:

  • Your Data is Yours
  • Your Data is Protected
  • Your Data is Portable

Your notes are not owned by Evernote, or by Google. They are yours and yours alone.

You can read the full announcement here to get all the details.

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