Pixel Launcher Will Only Be Available on Pixel Phones – For Now

A few weeks ago I posted the Pixel Launcher which you could sideload to your current Nexus or other Android device.  For now, that may be the only way you can get onto your device.  The new launcher will be exclusive to the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL for now although according to Android Police, Google is considering bringing it to other phones.  The new launcher as you have likely seen by now, is a significant departure from the Google Now launcher with a slide up App Drawer and the Google “G” pill at the top to activate searching.  Personally I’m a big fan of the new look but as a Nexus 6P owner, I may be waiting a while.

To be sure, Google has not committed to getting the Pixel launcher to other devices.  They are merely evaluating if they want to do that.  The Google Now launcher also started out as a limited device

Google Pixel Launcher

Google Pixel Launcher

option before it rolled out broadly so there is hope it will make it to the current Nexus devices.  Let’s hope.  I’ve used the launcher on my Nexus 6P after side loading it and it works great.  It’s a bit cleaner with a bit more information like the date, time and temperature right on the screen.

For now, if you want to download the launcher and install it, you’ll need to manually add it and set it as your Home launcher on your device.

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