Chrome OS Update Rolling Out

The Chrome OS team has pushed out a small but important update out for the platform.  Build 54.0.2840.101 (Platform version: 8743.85.0) is available for all devices running the OS and should be hitting your Chromebook or other device over the course of the next few days.  You can, of course, always force the issue by typing in chrome://help in the browser bar and it will automatically go and look for the update for you.

As is very often the case, the Chromium team did not disclose exactly what was addressed or fixed in this update to the platform.  They usually limit the amount of information released to assure that hackers don’t know about it and exploit it until a large swath of devices are updated.  In this case, no information was released.  That either means this was truly a minor update and there was nothing worth mentioning or there was a major flaw and they will be mum about it until updates are complete.  Given that there is no indication further notes will be released later, I tend to think it is the former.

Regardless if it is a minor or major super-secret update, I encourage readers running Chrome OS devices to get the update installed as soon as it is available for your machine.  Chrome OS is quite

Chrome OS

Chrome OS

stable and secure but having the latest updates is always the best policy.

Finally, don’t be surprised if we see an update for Chrome Browser for desktops and mobile released over the next week or two.  The update of the OS usually is followed by updates to the browser elements shortly thereafter.

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