Google Releases Daydream into the Play Store

The Google Daydream VR headset has started to ship to those who have ordered it and Google, as expected, as released the Daydream app into the Play Store.  The app allows users with the new Google Pixel to have a full VR experience with the headset.  The VR UI for when you have your phone in the headset is very easy to navigate and if you have played with Google Cardboard in the past, it will look pretty similar to you.  Using the controller, you can look to an app you want to start and click the button to launch it.  Obviously content is still pretty limited at this point but more is on the way.  Google, in fact, launched YouTube VR today too.

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As you would expect, YouTube VR is, well, YouTube.  In VR.  Cool eh? 🙂  Seriously, you now have the ability to have a fully immersed experience with the streaming service but keep in mind that

Google Daydream Interface

Google Daydream Interface

like apps, there isn’t a massive amount of content out there just yet.  It’ll get there and clearly Google is working quite hard to get that content developed as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that both apps require that you have a Google Pixel, currently the only Daydream compatible devices on the market.  If you have a Nexus device or any other device for that matter, it won’t be an option for you to install.


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