Hilton HHonors Improves Fingerprint Authentication Support

If you are a member of Hilton HHonors and use their Android app, there is a nice update coming your way.  The latest build of the app, version 2.9.3 for those keeping score, brings a handful of improvements but likely the one that will get everyone’s attention is the improvements around Fingerprint Authentication.  For a while now the HHonors app has had fingerprint support but it was pretty much a one-and-done thing.  Once you signed in, it kept you signed in and you never really had to authenticate again.  Not very secure.

This update changes that.  Now you can enable the feature and you can enable a secondary feature to indicate how often you want to be required to authenticate.  You can choose to have it ask every time you fire up the app on your phone or after you have closed the app for 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes.

In this update, there are a couple of other key features that get some attention.

Hilton HHonors Fingerprint Authentication Improvements

Hilton HHonors Fingerprint Authentication Improvements

  • Update your Hilton HHonors profile with new or updated booking information.
  • It’s easier to see which rooms you checked into on multiple-room reservations.

There are, of course, other bug fixes and improvements in the app so even if the improvements and new features don’t do much for you, you should get the update anyway so you have the latest-and-greatest.

If you have the app installed the OTA update should be coming to you over the course of the next few days.

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