Microsoft Launches Cross-App Text Copying App Clip Layer

Microsoft has rolled out yet another new app for Android today that brings quick and easy copying of text from one app to another.  Clip Layer allows you to copy a page or section of text from one app by pressing and holding the Home button on your phone, then opening another app and copying that text to that app.  While Android natively has the ability to do this on most apps, Clip Layer makes it very easy with just simple taps to copy sections of text instead of having to tap-and-drag.  Plus, the app has the ability to take that copied text and share it with others right from within the app.

The magic of how the app works is within the Assistant settings of Android.  By allowing the app to become your Device Assistance app, that enabled the Home button to become the trigger for copying text.

To make Clip Layer do its things, just open up an app or text message that has text you want to copy.  Hold down your home button and the entire page will be have a grid overlay enabled that allows

Microsoft Clip Layer

Microsoft Clip Layer

you to select specific areas of the text to copy.  Highlight it the area you wan to copy an then press copy.  Now go to another app (say Google Keep) and open up a note.  Tap-and-hold anywhere on that note and then tap the Paste pop-up.  Badabing!  Your text is copied.  It is super quick and simple.

Clip Layer isn’t doing anything new for Android but simply improving on a process that is within the OS.  Having used it a bit this morning to test, it is super fast and user friendly.  If you do a lot of copying between apps, definitely give it a look.  It’s free in the Play Store.


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