Google Home Integration with Netflix Rolling Out

Google Home owners have a nice update rolling out to the Google Assistant enabled Smart Speaker.  Google is rolling out an update behind-the-scenes that is enabling the ability to add your Netflix account to the app as well as Google Photos.  When it hits your account and it is enabled on the server side by Google, it means you will be able to give your Home commands to show Netflix content or your Google Photos content by voice command.

The Netflix integration is something that most Home users, me included, have been waiting to see.  It was demonstrated at the Google event back in October and gives you the ability to instantly start watching content beyond that of Google’s services (like YouTube and Google Play Music) on your Chromecast or your Cast enabled television.

The timing, of course, is spot on.  Google announced the release of Actions on Google a couple of weeks ago which allows developers to add actions to their apps for Google Home support.  With that

Google Home

Google Home

now in the public eye, Google is starting to turn the wick up on Actions they have developed with their key developer partners, like Netflix.

Not everyone is seeing the update just yet, me included.  Google appears to be slow rolling this one and even if you do have it, the Netflix integration may not work as Google still has to enabled the server side of things.  Hopefully everyone gets it this week and it is enabled to give it a try.

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