Big Changes Coming to Google+

Google has announced a raft of changes that are coming to Google+ for the web and for Android.  While there are several things that were highlighted, perhaps the two biggest have to do with Events and the old G+ layout.  One is returning and one is going away for good.  Events went away from Google+ during the revamping of the app and the web site last year and it was one of the feature that many users had requested Google to get back into it.  That will be happening starting January 24th.

Finally (drumroll please!), we’re bringing Events over to the new Google+. While there’s more to be done to improve the experience, beginning January 24th you’ll be able to create and join events on Google+ web as you have in the past. Please note that Events will not be available for G Suite at this time.

Note that the post said on the web.  It does not look like you’ll be able to add events from the app – at least not yet.

The other big change is the deprication of the old Google+ layout.  Right now you can still get to it via a link on the site.  Starting January 24th however, that won’t be the case.  It will go away and

Google Plus for Android

Google Plus for Android

you will have to use the new layout of the service.

Other changes that are coming around the 24th will be a new photo zooming feature.  Photos will appear to be bigger in the feed and you will be able to zoom in on particular parts of an image.  Additionally, low value comments will be automatically hidden on posts.  You can view all comments on any post but the idea here is to eliminate from view comments that aren’t contributing to the conversation.  It’ll be interesting to see how this works as it will be based on machine learning and should get smarter over time.

Look for all these changes to be hitting next week on the web and expect an app update to coming too.


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